About Us

Moseley School and Sixth Form’s purpose is to inspire excellence in character and scholarship.

Moseley School and Sixth Form is an inspirational place to learn, where teachers with a passion for teaching and learning, nurture the curiosity, creativity and imagination of students. The school’s systems are geared to support the progress of all students. The curriculum, assessment, staffing, timetable, technology and a wealth of other resources enable each student to receive personalised support to achieve ambitious goals. A global perspective, that celebrates diversity and respect for individual rights, pervades the school and helps us to nurture responsible citizens and independent thinkers. At Moseley all staff are provided with a level of guidance and training which enables them to develop as leading professionals in order that they can make a significant contribution to the educational community in Birmingham and nationally. Staff and students receive support and guidance to prepare them for the next step in their careers.

At Moseley, we provide a safe and healthy school environment that enables students to thrive. We want staff and students to work in an emotionally intelligent school where we acknowledge the fallibility of human beings and recognise the impact our actions and words have on others. Our pastoral system ensures that each student is cared for and their needs are met through effective partnerships with all our stakeholders, especially parents and carers. All students have opportunities to broaden their social and cultural horizons. The school provides a clear moral framework based on shared values in which the students feel safe and can flourish. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own beliefs, appreciate different views and develop understanding of their own identity and their own self-worth.

Moseley School and Sixth Form is a place where staff and students are aware of how personal and political decisions affect the future of the environment and of their responsibility to help to sustain our planet. We are a caring community where positive personal relationships have a civilising influence. We recognise the potential in everyone and we support and challenge everyone to achieve their potential. We provide opportunities for our students to develop leadership and resilience, to demonstrate initiative and to improve their personal communication skills. All of the School’s diverse communities share the vision and purpose of the school and through developing character and scholarship we are striving to achieve excellence.

Moseley School and Sixth Form Values

We expect all members of our school community to embrace our core values:

Respect, Endeavour & Compassion.

It is through expressing these values that we conduct all our conversations, work in and out of the classroom and build good relationships between students and staff. As a part of Moseley School and Sixth Form, it is understood that you agree to these tenets and will uphold them in your own behaviour and day to day life in the school.

Our school is a diverse community

We are a large, 11-18, mixed comprehensive school in the Moseley area of Birmingham. It lies in the parish of St Christopher, Springfield.  Moseley is a non-denominational school of 1300 students with a diverse ethnic, economic and religious profile. We value, encourage and seek to learn about all of the different elements of each other’s lives that make up who we are – all individuals but with plenty to share in and celebrate.

Facilities at Moseley School are second to none.

Our school is situated on an extensive site consisting of two main school buildings and a state-of-the-art sports facility. Building A is a Grade II listed building dating back to 1857 and in 1923 it became a school. This building has undergone extensive renovation creating teaching spaces fit for the 21st century and now houses the Sixth Form Library, a common room and study areas. In addition, we have modern Science laboratories, a well-equipped specialist Drama room, Music practice suites, a recording studio and a Learning Resource Centre amongst other classrooms. Building B is the result of a £20 million Building Schools for the Future investment, providing our students with a range of excellent facilities to support learning and personal development. This includes a number of well-resourced teaching spaces for technology, Art, English and Mathematics. Technology lessons benefit from learning suites equipped with industry-standard equipment, as used in the world of work.

Throughout the school, bright and spacious classrooms feature state-of-the-art smart boards and advanced learning technologies. Flexible learning spaces add a whole new dimension to teaching, while super-fast broadband delivers instant access to a whole world of knowledge.

Our dining facility offers a wide choice of meals, including halal, vegetarian and healthy eating options. Sixth Form students have access to an all-day café facility, and an impressive multi-purpose hall provides a superb venue for school celebrations, plays, assemblies and presentations. Facilities also include Wudu facilities.

Our sporting facilities and complex are outstanding and include a large field, a cricket pitch and pavilion, a MUGA, a flood-lit Astro-Turf, a fully furnished fitness suite and a gymnasium. In addition, we have a large sports hall and a new state-of-the-art sports hall which hosts its own multi-media centre. This facility is used by professional and semi-professional clubs in order to enhance their training. The sports complex is a hub for the local community to interact.  We are particularly proud of our reputation in the field of sports and also of our link with a number of world class sports professionals who were educated at Moseley.


Our commitment to you.

High quality inclusive teaching underpins everything we do at Moseley School. Assisted by experienced support staff, including Graduate Coaches, our dedicated teachers work hard to engage every student and bring learning to life. Lessons typically begin with exciting and stimulating challenges and activities.

Teachers take the time and effort to really get to know their pupils, as well as their academic backgrounds, talents and individual learning needs. They then use a range of learning strategies to bring out the best in every child.

Strong leadership, vertical tutoring and a large pastoral team ensure that the individual needs of students are met and that timely support is provided to both students and families where this is required in order to remove barriers to learning.