Admission Criteria

  • Applications to primary school are based on providing three preferences.
  • Applications to secondary schools are based on providing six preferences.

To understand how school places are offered you need to know:

The process for offering school places

On receipt of your Preference Form, your preferences for schools in Birmingham are considered equally.

If you applied for any voluntary aided or foundation school(s) or academies in Birmingham they are not informed of the order you have ranked their schools before the offer of places.

If you applied for any school(s) outside Birmingham, the relevant local authority is informed of the order in which you ranked their school(s).

If there are more applications to a Birmingham community school than places available, the local authority applies the admission criteria to see who can be offered a place. The children offered a place are those who are best able to meet the admission criteria.

If your preferences include a voluntary aided, a foundation school, an academy or a school in another local authority, that school or local authority is sent your details, as they are responsible for considering your child’s application against others received in accordance with their own admission criteria and published admission arrangements.

If a school or Academy has too many applications for the places available, the school governors or local authority use the school’s criteria to rank applications and return them to Admissions and Appeals for places to be offered.

Some of these schools or Academies may ask the local authority to rank applications in accordance with their admission criteria on behalf of their Governing Body.

When your applications to individual schools or Academies are considered they are then compared to your Preference Form by the local authority. The school that you are offered is the school where you have met the admission criteria better than other applicants and that is ranked the highest on your preference form.