In Year Admission

Key Facts In-Year admissions arise as a result of:

  • Parents / carers who are moving into Birmingham and do not have a school place for their child.
  • Parents / carers who are moving within Birmingham and their child already has a school place, but can no longer attend.
  • Parents / carers who live in Birmingham and are not moving, but would like their child to change school.

When you complete your application you will have the opportunity:

  • To express up to 3 schools of your preference (this includes schools’ that are both inside and outside of Birmingham).
  • Rank each school in the order you prefer.
  • Give reasons for your application.

Following your application there will be one of 3 outcomes:

  • If the school you request has available places, your child is offered a place at that school.
  • If the school you request has more applications than there are places available the governing body or the local authority uses the school’s admission criteria to decide who qualifies best for a place.
  • If the school you request is already over subscribed (full to its admission limit for that year) your child is placed on a waiting list and offered a place at the nearest available school which has a vacancy. You are also be informed of your right to appeal.

Things to consider:

Moving to a new school is an important step for any child. If you are not moving address and would like to change your child’s school, you should take the following into consideration: How will your child cope with learning new rules and having to do things differently, or possibly having missed important work? Children who transfer schools after their exam subjects have been chosen in Year 9 may find that they cannot do the same subjects, or that the exam board and courses are different.

If your child has brothers or sisters at the same school, transferring one child may affect the others. Will it be difficult for you to have children attending different schools? How will you manage the start and finish times? Most schools in Birmingham are full and we may not be able to offer you the school that you want.

We advise that you sit down with your child and ask them why they want to move to a different school. If they mention that they are being bullied or not getting on with other pupils, you should speak to your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year first in order to try and resolve the situation. Schools in Birmingham usually have an ‘Anti-Bullying Policy’ which is followed.

If after doing this you still have major concerns, or are unhappy about the way the school is dealing with your complaint, you should make an appointment to speak to the Headteacher. You may also write to the Chair of the school’s Governing Body.