Curriculum Offered

Key Stage 3

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer Maths Clubs for KS3 at lunchtimes, for KS4 we offer afterschool classes on Thursday’s, Saturday Classes and morning sessions for some pupils.

Yr-  Pi club

Yr 7 – 123 club

Yr8 – The denominators

Morning drop in sessions

Year 8 students have an opportunity to enter the Junior Maths Challenge. In year 9 we enter a team for the south network Maths Challenge.

GCSE Mathematics

Type of qualification: GCSE

Specification Title:  Edexcel Linear

Assessment: Linear:  Examination in Year 10 and 11

What will you learn about?

  • Data Handling & Probability
  • Number & Algebra
  • Shape and Space and Measure

What skills will you develop?

  • The ability to solve both theoretical and practical problems.
  • The ability to communicate through the use of Mathematics.

How will you learn?   
Balance of teacher led instruction, guided discovery and independent investigate.

What will this course help you to do post 16?
A good pass in GCSE Maths is a requirement for most ‘A’ Level courses in sixth form or college. If you have enjoyed the subject at Higher Level you may be able to study Maths at AS/A2 Level

Who can I ask for more information?
Miss Akhtar – Assistant Head  – Head of Faculty Maths

Mrs Lewis Brown – Head of KS3

Mr Covell – Head of KS4 Interventions

GCSE Statistics

Type of qualification: GCSE

Specification Title: Statistics GCSE

Coursework component: 25%-
Controlled Assessment – collecting data and analysing to give a justified conclusion
Examination component: 75 %-( F/H)

  • Data Collection
  • Representing data
  • Analysing data
  • Forming Conclusions

What will you learn about?
You will learn how to work independently and be able to form educated judgements, whether it is in the financial field (Investment banking or Accounting) or the medical profession or scientific research using data.

It is a GCSE that is useful in all other subjects and is used practically everyday by a lot of people – Music moguls, Accountants, Doctors, Solicitors, Investment bankers, Analysts, Nasa space centre etc.

What will this course help you to do post 16?
A Level Maths/Business/Accounting/Economics
Any subjects which requires coursework and analysing results and data

Who can I ask for more information?
Maths Dept