Year 7 and Year 8 spend two hours per fortnight in both Drama and Music.


Year 7

  • Relationships – Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Darkwood Manor
  • Evacuees
  • Theatre in Education
  • Storytelling
  • Mask Work

Year 8

  • Creating Tension
  • Commedia Dell’Arte
  • Witchcraft/Myths & Legends
  • Active Shakespeare
  • Fame & Celebrity
  • Script Work (Our Day Out)



Year 7

  • Baseline Assessment: Listening Focus – Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King)
  • Performance – Samba: Listening Focus – Santana. Oy Como Va
  • Composition – Writing a Melody: Listening Focus – JS Bach, Minuet in G
  • Improvised Performance – Raga & Drone (Alap / Vistar): Listening Focus – Alap in Raag Desh
  • Composition – Music for a Moving Image: Focused Listening – Rhapsody in Blue & Davy Jones Motifs

Year 8

  • Performance – Chords: Focused Listening – JS Bach C Major Prelude & Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
  • Performance – Jamaican: Focused Listening – Bob Marley, Stir it Up & Skatelites – Guns of Navarone
  • DJing: Focused Listening
  • Composition Dubstep: Focused Listening – Skream, Midnight Request Line
  • Hip Hop & Rap: Focused Listening: Pigmeat Markham, Here Comes the Judge & Tupac, Changes
  • Musical Futures: Focused Listening: As defined by student choices

Extra-Curricular Activities

Within the Faculty, we are always keen to offer a range of additional activities to support students work within the classroom.  Our current programme of events is constantly being updated to ensure we provide a broad range of activities.  We are currently running or aiming to run the following activities:

  • Robotics club
  • D&T club
  • Art club
  • Friday lunch time catch up club
  • CREST Award
  • Musical instrument lessons
  • School performances  and musical events
  • Guest speakers
  • Arts Award

BTEC Performing Arts

Type of qualification: BTEC First Award in Performing Arts (Production)

Specification Title: EDEXCEL BTEC Level 1 / Level 2 First Award in Performing Arts (Production)

Coursework component:
Externally Assessed: 25%

What will you learn about?
You will learn about specialist equipment used for sound and lighting at events including concerts, theatre productions, exhibitions, functions, conferences, weddings and family celebrations. Through this work you will also learn how to become an effective member of the technical team for a production.

What skills will you develop?

  • Transferable skills: Team work, professional standards of behaviour, risk assessment, meeting deadlines, working under pressure in real situations.
  • Specific Technical Skills: How to set up and operate sound and lighting equipment safely and accurately, a variety of techniques for technical equipment to make the best use of each item.
  • Creative Skills: How to apply the techniques that you have learnt for setting up lighting and sound equipment to a range of real scenarios.

How will you learn?
The majority of your learning will be through workshops and practical sessions where you are taught new skills whilst applying and developing the skills you already have. As well as working in school with teachers you will get to look around and work at performance venues including The Hippodrome and REP theatres, MAC and Birmingham University Guild of Students. You will also be taught for some sessions in school by visiting professionals who will cover specialist topics.

What will this course help you to do post 16?
This course will give you a basic set of skills that would let you work in a theatre or for a production company. You would also be able to go on to level three qualifications in Production Arts.

Who can I ask for more information?
Mr Armitage / Mr Pullen

Performing Arts Extended Curriculum

The Performing Arts Department run a wide range of activities to help students develop both their technical and creative skills. Activities vary from ensembles to individual lessons with visiting teachers.

Activities currently available:

  • Singing group
  • Rock band club
  • Keyboard group lessons
  • DJing
  • Studio composition (using Logic Pro)
  • Recording Rap & Songs
  • Drum Kit lessons
  • Dhol lessons
  • Tabla Lessons

Performance Events
We host a variety of Music, Drama and Dance student performances each year building up to a major show in the Summer term. This year performers get awarded house points for performing throughout the year and the Moseley Extravaganza in July will be a chance for each of the houses to pitch their best performers against each other in a talent show.

If we don’t offer the activity that you are interested in please see one of the Performing Arts staff and we will do our best to set it up.

Who can I ask for more information?
Mr Armitage ari@moseley.bham.sch.uk