About Vertical Tutoring

Many of us are parents ourselves. We anticipate that you might well have questions about the provision that we offer our students at Moseley. Nothing is more important to us than the welfare and well-being of the students in our care.

We imagine that there are a number of questions that you might want answers to before you consider applying for a place at Moseley or that you would like to know before your child commences their time here:

Should I think about the pastoral support my child will receive when choosing a school?

Of course: we feel that this support is as important as the academic matters parents traditionally reflect on. We believe that active engagement in school and community life is key to ensuring students are safe and successful.

We have recruited experienced school leaders to our pastoral team and they are able to bring years of experience to bear when dealing with the everyday stresses and strains and situations of teenage life.

When we don’t have the resources to deal with situations in-house our pastoral staff have an extensive range of contacts within other agencies to ensure that support can be swiftly put in place.

We want the best for everyone and are very clear in how we can achieve this. 

How will you ensure that my child is successful?

We have a range of data at our finger-tips. We know when students are underachieving or require further stretching and challenging. As our Heads of House are experienced teachers themselves, they can quickly and decisively act to ensure that all our students get the challenge they deserve and the outcomes you expect.

High expectations of behaviour and character are key to success. Our systems for ensuring this are detailed elsewhere on this website.

How will you ensure that my child is engaged?

Our pastoral team spend a large proportion of their working day visiting lessons, meeting parents and supporting staff. We can act quickly when a problem arises; we can target praise accordingly. This proactive approach combined with robust systems and policies ensures that learning environments are productive and calm.

How will you ensure that my child is happy?

Positive relationships are everything in a school. They underpin all our work. Your child will have a form tutor with whom they will remain for their entire school career. We also aim to ensure that siblings are placed in the same house so that you are able to develop and sustain relationships with the same tutor, House Pastoral Manager and Head of House.

Why is the vertical tutoring system important?

  • Vertical tutoring means students of different ages share a form. From Year 7 to 11.
  • Students need to feel a sense of belonging. Vertical tutoring promotes this.
  • Students need to compete. Vertical tutoring encourages this.
  • Students need to have positive role models to aspire to. Vertical tutoring nurtures these.
  • Students need to develop moral courage. Vertical tutoring’s consistency and stability cultivates this.


What are the values of the house system?

Each house has its own identity. However, the key values across the houses are the development of a sense of loyalty and family; a pride and respect for community; the encouragement of reflective practice in both staff and students alike; and the creation of warm and nurturing environment in which everyone can be the best they can be. We aim for social justice.

How do older students work with younger students?

From each according to their ability is a key principle of vertical tutoring. We expect older students to work with their younger peers; to model positive learning behaviours; to reinforce the expectations of form tutors; and to act as guides and mentors when able.

What opportunities will the house system give my child?

Our house system has a number of opportunities for your child to adopt leadership roles.

Each form has students who perform a number of administrative support roles at tutor time to enable the teacher to check planners, develop relationships and reinforce expectations.

Each form elects a council representative; each house has Captains, Deputy Captains, a journalist, a photographer, a Sports Captain, an Arts Captain and a student fundraising team.

What will happen if my child ever feels uncomfortable?

The first port of call is the form tutor. We encourage our tutors to seek the support of their pastoral leaders.
We follow all statutory guidance and best practice in child protection.

How are the rare incidents that might occur in school dealt with?

Promptly. Sympathetically. Wisely.