Dear Parents and Carers

Excellent Progress at Moseley

The Government released official performance data for schools recently. These confirm that your children continue to make excellent progress at Moseley School and Sixth Form. Students completing Year 11 in 2017 made considerably more progress on average than students nationally. This good progress also placed our students well above the average progress achieved across Birmingham.
I was particularly pleased with the exceptional progress made by our most disadvantaged students whose progress was amongst the top 20% in the country. The hard work of students, parents and the school to achieve this standard is clear.

Important Information for Parents and Carers:

On Wednesday 7th February the school will close at 12:20 to allow all staff to participate in a training afternoon with other local secondary schools. Children entitled to a free school meal will be able to collect a lunch from the canteen before leaving. Please make the necessary arrangements for your children on this afternoon.

Thank you to all parents who take great care when dropping off or picking up their children from school. Wake Green Road is particularly problematic when parents stop on both sides of the road. Please respect the other road users, do not stop on the yellow zig-zag lines and please show consideration for our neighbours.

Thank you for your support in stopping your children bringing crisps and energy/fizzy drinks to school. We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for all our students and have also noticed a significant improvement in the litter situation across the school site. This term we have introduced Bikeability training for students and reintroduced swimming to encourage healthy lifestyles.
Tuesday 6th February is Safer Internet Day. Assemblies during this week will provide opportunities for students to learn more about keeping themselves safe online. Parents can also find out more information that will help you to keep your children safe:

Finally do remember to share your views of the school via the Parent View website:

Yours faithfully,

Roger McBrien


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