Dear Parents and Carers,

Good Attendance

As we come to the end of this half term I would like to congratulate all students who have maintained good attendance over these winter months. Attendance at school is very important. We all aspire to be present 100% but we understand that there are occasional circumstances that require some time off school so the target we set for every student is 97%. If your child has more time off than this their studies will suffer and this will impact on their progress. Please ensure your son/daughter is in school every day possible.

Time off in term time is not permitted except in the most exceptional circumstance such as the death of a close relative. I appreciate it when parents write to request time off in term time but unless there are exceptional circumstances I cannot authorise such absence.

If parents choose to take their child out of school they risk prosecution and they run the risk of being removed from the school roll. Parents of 33 students were issued with a penalty notice for taking their child out of school before the start of the summer holidays in July 2017.

Keeping Safe

Alongside this letter I have included a letter written with the Police and other local schools about an initiative to protect young people from becoming the victims of knife and weapons crime. Please take time to read the advice in this letter and discuss it with your child. We will be following this up in school next half term by working with the Police to educate students about the consequences of knife crime and the consequences of carrying a weapon. The police will be checking that students are not carrying weapons using detection equipment.


This Year has seen the Moseley School JASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) Team grow significantly. Moseley School now has 120 students who have begun the character development program which focusses on 4 areas. My Interests, Get Active Stay Active, Me & My World and Adventure. All students have enjoyed a day trip to Brighouse to complete the Bronze award in their Adventure Section where they have completed team building tasks, hill walking and shelter building. Next up for the JASS teams is a mixture of Me and My World and My Interest sections with lots of community and environmental projects planned as well as developing interests and skills in cooking, sports and musical instruments

Important Dates

We have a training day on Friday 16th February and half term break from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd February. School re-opens for the next half term on Monday 26th February at 8:30am

Yours faithfully,

Roger McBrien


At Moseley School and Sixth Form, we are committed to safeguarding and to promoting the welfare of our students.

13th February 2018

inspiring excellence in character and scholarship

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