Head Boy and Head Girl


We are pleased to announce the new Senior Student Leadership Team following a robust and competitive recruitment process. 

They are Head Boy Hammad Zamand and Head Girl Misbah Maqsood. Their deputies are Ream Mergani and Adil Zaman. Abdulmagid Sultan will also remain as Deputy Head Boy. Hammad was latterly House Captain of Hertford; Misbah Pembroke. 

They will be responsible for the strategic direction of Student Council; they will be role-modelling the highest standards of character and behaviour and maintaining a compassionate and respectful presence around the site. They will be working to develop our Culture of Success and ensure that the strengths of the school continue to be recognised in the community. 

The team would like to thank the previous Head Boy and Girl (Atif Khan, Shamaila Hussain and Suaad Shaeed for their endeavour and support).


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