Kacey French: Leading the Track

A standout star on the track has been leading the way in her fundraising efforts too. Kacey French in Year 7 already holds the record of being the fastest girl over 1500m (with a time that beat the competition by over a minute), and now also has the achievement of single-handedly raising £70 for this year’s Sport’s Relief through her running talents.

Competing within school and making up the miles in her own time led to a stream of sponsorships that totalled £70, contributing to the school’s overall fundraising amount of just under £2000.

Kacey, who runs with her dad outside of school, lights up when she talks passionately about running. “It makes me feel good and it is something that I want to work hard at to get better and better at. I heard last week that Birmingham is going to have a marathon – that is something to set my sights on!”

“Kacey is a highly motivated and determined student, her highly competitive nature allows her to personally excel; whether that be against herself or external competition.

She regularly attends extra-curricular clubs and is a valued member of the school netball, football and athletics team. Recently she has embarked upon sports leadership and supports me at local primary school sports tournaments and festivals.”
Miss Foster, P.E.