Moseley School and Sixth Form runs a scheme called Moseley Edge which inspires its pupils to be confident in demonstrating their leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication in a variety of situations. The programme is called Moseley Edge because, by taking part in the scheme, we believe that our students will have the ‘edge’ over other students in the local area when applying to universities and further employment.

Hassan Chouchane is one of our students who takes part in Moseley Edge. He explained what he does on the scheme, “Moseley Edge is a community that helps other people in completing tasks and things that re challenging. We are always on hand to help, sometimes that could be helping someone to read or understand English if they are new to the country.”

Hassan explained why being a part of Moseley Edge is character building,

“I feel that it is helping to shape our personality into people that are good role models. I like being able to show my hard work and improvement in organisation and meeting people. Having a good character in school is important as it allows you to learn to your full potential. Hard work and following a good path means that you are able to concentrate on learning and lessons.”