Mr Brett's Endurance Challenge for Tommy's

Moseley’s head of Nuffield House, Mr Brett, recently undertook a mammoth sporting challenge in order to raise money for Tommy’s, a charity that researches and saves lives of unborn and recently born children.

Mr Brett’s challenge consisted of five endurance tasks that he completed over the course of seven days.

The tasks were:

• Run a half marathon (13 miles)
• Cycle a 40-mile mountain bike route along the Birmingham canals
• Run the length of the Malvern Hills (9 miles)
• Run up 163 flights of stairs (which is the height of the world’s tallest building)
• Complete a 100-mile bike ride at Ride London.

Speaking about his endurance challenges, Mr Brett has said,

“It was my drive to help those who are in need that led to me making the decision to take part in the challenge, and it was that same drive that made me carry on through seven very hard days of exertion. I had friends along the way that kept me going and kept me encouraged when it became difficult, and finishing at Ride London with hundred of people raising money was humbling and inspiring. Their stories kept me going over the finish line.”

Congratulations to Mr Brett!