Exam Board: AQA
Course leader: Mr Thacker and Mr Edwards
Course name: AS /A2 Economics
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General Information
Economics is a social science which helps make sense of some of the major forces that affect our World. Economic knowledge and skills are essential for us to carry out our roles as consumers, workers and most of all, citizens of the UK and the World.

The media is full of economic issues which are not always easy to understand. At this time we hear on a daily basis about the crises affecting some of the Euro zone countries, the high rewards received by chief executives of certain companies, how living standards amongst the lower from our own economic crisis. In twenty years China will be the World’s biggest economy whilst India, Brazil and Russia record levels of growth far in excess of the more mature economies; what are the implications of this for the UK?

These issues will give you a flavour of what Economics is about. Apart from the content Economics will help you develop a particular and highly valued skill set:

  • How to think and write like an Economist
  • Analysis, evaluation and interpretation
  • Team work skills
  • Thinking creatively about real life problems (e.g. pollution, congestion)

How will you learn?
1. Through working on challenging scenarios
2. Discussion
3. Teaching others (in your Learning Team)
4. Linking what you are learning to the real world
5. Using your skills and talents to best effect
6. Developing good study habits

Course Outline

Year 12 AS
Two papers –: Paper 1: The operation of markets and market failure
Paper 2: The national economy in a global context
Year 13 A2
Three papers-: Paper 1: Markets and market failure (33.3%)
Paper 2: National and international economy (33.3%)
Paper 3: Economic principles and issues. (33.3%)

Careers and Higher Education Opportunities:
Economics opens up many pathways. Economists work for government and top firms. Economics journalism is a growing area. Organisations working to create a fairer World need Economists. Accountancy, finance and banking are obvious destinations for those with Economics qualifications but the skills you learn will equip you for all kinds of careers apart from the more obvious.
All of the major institutions of Higher Education offer Economics degrees either as BAs or BScs

Who can I ask for more information?
Mr Thacker, who can also put you in touch with some of the students currently studying the subject.

Extra-curricular enrichment opportunities
Regular support sessions will be available at lunchtimes, after school and break times throughout the course to help students with homework, projects and exam preparation.