Exam Board: AQA

Course leader: Miss Cooper – Burrows

Course name:   A Level History

Contact: COI@moseley.sch.bham.uk


General Information

History helps us to understand the world we live in. The course offers candidates the opportunity to study history in length and breadth as well as in depth, to develop expertise in various skills general as well as historical and to acquire and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the periods studied. They give an opportunity to introduce more ‘stretch and challenge’ into A Level History.


Course Outline

Paper 1 – Breadth Study

 The Tudors: England 1485 -1603

50 % of the AS


This option comprises a study in breadth, in which students will learn about the key political, social, religious and economic features of Tudor rule in Britain during the fifteenth and sixteenth century, an era of turmoil and political intrigue unrivalled in any other era.


Written Exam, 1 Hour 30 minutes.


Paper 2 – Depth Study

The Transformation of China 1936 – 1997

50% of the AS


This option comprises a study in depth of the transformation of communist China in the years 1949–76. The aftershocks of these changes are still being felt today as China emerges as a great economic and political power on the world stage.


Written exam, 1 hour and 30 minutes


Careers and Higher Education Opportunities:

Historians are taught a wide-ranging combination of skills drawing in ideas from many sources. This ability to view issues from a wider perspective is appropriate for working in many different areas. The nature of peoples’ working lives is changing. It is less likely that someone will spend all their life in one company or organisation-the so-called job for life. If your career path is to be varied you will need to develop transferable skills and you will need to be flexible. History fosters these qualities and provides a firm base for life-long learning.


Extra-curricular enrichment opportunities

Students are supported through the course with a wide range of catch-up session and drop in classes where they can discuss classwork in more depth. Students may get the opportunity to visit local university lectures on one of the units above. This will provide them with an in depth contextual knowledge to reinforce their understanding.