Exam Board: AQA

Course leader: Mrs Sandal

Course name:   A Level Law



General Information

Law is an excellent qualification for a wide range of university courses, most notably law itself.  As well as being an excellent preparation for higher education it is seen as beneficial for those considering a career in the police, the financial sector, teaching and of course, the legal profession.  There will be opportunities to see the local criminal courts in action and to debate current legal issues. Additionally guest speakers will be invited to talk about routes into legal profession.

It is essential that you enjoy reading and have strong essay writing skills.  You do not need to have studied law previously or even want to be a lawyer; what matters is having a curiosity about how law affects our daily lives.


Course Outline


Year 12 – AS Level Law

The assessment is based entirely on timed written examinations – AS law does not have a coursework element. The AS Law qualification is based on the study of three core areas of Law. These include; the nature of Law and the English Legal System; Criminal Law and Tort. You will learn about the makeup of the legal system, how it operates and functions and you will be expected to apply legislative precedent to case studies. You will sit two exams in the summer of the first year and this will consist of 2 papers, that will be an hour and a half each in length and they will be marked out of 80. These papers will be made up of a combination of multiple choices, short answer and extended writing questions. Both papers will be equally weighted and will make up your AS grade.


Year 13 – A Level Law

In order to achieve a full A-Level you will need to sit an exam in the core areas identified above, alongside an additional area of study that includes; Human Rights OR Law of contract. You will need to sit three exam papers, each weighted at 33% and these will each be marked out of 100 and will make up your final A-Level grade. The grade you received as part of the A-Level will be replaced by the mark you receive at A2.

This qualification has been re-developed this year and will now be examined in the same manner as all A-Levels, therefore, your overall A-Level grade will reflect the exams that you will sit at the end of year 2.


Careers and Higher Education Opportunities

This subject is appropriate for those intending to continue their studies at University. This subject will enable you to develop the analytical, evaluative and application skills necessary to excel in all fields of study.  Our experience indicates that a variety of employers in both the private and public sectors value this qualification.


Extra-curricular enrichment opportunities

Regular support sessions will be available at lunchtimes, after school and break times throughout the course to help students with homework, projects and exam preparation. We also envisage getting students involved in programmes offered by Pure Potential, giving students the opportunity to meet large law firms, with potential placement opportunities.