Exam Board: OCR

Course leader: Mr Ahmed

Course name: OCR Physics A



General Information  

We all have a need to make sense of the world in which we live, and it is the urge to meet this need that leads us to question every aspect of our lives from the moment we are born into this world. Those of us that develop an interest in Physics quickly begin to question –

‘When and how did the universe begin?’

What is dark energy/dark matter?

‘What is happening inside the atom?’

‘What will be the fate of our universe?’


As well as probing the most fundamental mysteries in nature, Physics forms the scientific basis for most present and future technologies. Modern life is dominated by technological developments based on discoveries in Physics, from ultra-fast computers, nanotechnology, to renewable energy technologies.


Course Outline

Year 12



Practical Endorsement

Module 1 of the specification content relates to the practical skills learners are expected to gain via practical activities embedded throughout the course. These skills are assessed throughout the examinations and also through the practical endorsement. Students will carry out a minimum of 6 practical activities over the course of the year covering a core list of apparatus and skills usage. These will be teacher assessed and are designed to develop students’ practical skills ability to a suitable level of competency. The six practical areas considered during this year will be:


  • Investigating motion
  • Investigating properties of materials
  • Investigating electrical properties



  • Investigating electrical circuits
  • Investigating waves
  • Investigating quantum effects


Careers and Higher Education Opportunities

A-level Physics is an important qualification for many careers. Some A-level Physicists will go on to study Physics and associated courses at university level – this may lead to a career in research and development at university or in industry. Others choose to study Physics because they feel it will provide them with the necessary skills for a career in engineering, finance, meteorology and electronics to name a few.


Where can you get more information/support?


Regular support sessions will be available at lunchtimes, after school and break times throughout the course to help students with homework and exam preparation.