Product Design

Exam Board: AQA

Course name: A Level Product Design

Course leader: Mr Sharma



General Information

Look at the world around you; everything you come into contact with has been designed and developed by Product Designers and Design Engineers. From the clothes you choose to wear, the cars you use for transport, the buildings you live and work in, to the products that make your life easier and more enjoyable.


Product Design is an extremely diverse and rewarding career, which is essential in an ever changing world. Product Design could take you into a number of exciting career paths. You could find yourself working in Industrial Design, Automotive Design, Fashion Design or Architecture. Product Design is also an excellent A Level to be taken in conjunction with Physics and Mathematics, particularly for those students wishing to pursue degrees in engineering related disciplines.


Who is the course aimed at?

Studying Product Design at A Level will develop some of the skills most valued by employers and universities, including research, independence, use of technology, communication, leadership, team work and problem solving. British designers have a global reputation and include Jonathan Ive (Apple), James Dyson and Vivienne Westwood.


Aims of the course

This course is designed to encourage candidates to:

  • Develop and sustain innovation, creativity and design and technology capability.
  • Develop a critical understanding of the influences of the processes and products of design and technological activity.
  • Apply essential knowledge understanding and skills of design production processes to a range of technological activities
  • Use ICT to enhance design and technological capability.
  • Develop as discerning consumers able to make informed choices.
  • Develop positive attitudes of co-operation and citizenship and work collaboratively.


Programme of Study

During the course, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes. You will apply this knowledge in two written examinations and a range of practical projects.



Course Outline

AS Level

Students develop an understanding of a broad range of materials, with emphasis on the life cycle of products, manufacture and final disposal. This specification also considers the broader issues for the designer including the environmental sustainability of products and consumer safety:

  • Unit 1: (PROD1) Materials, Components and Application
  • Unit 2: (PROD2) Learning Through Designing and Making


A2 Level

A2 the specification offers candidates the opportunity to further develop the knowledge and practical skills from AS. Candidates will continue to develop a body of coursework alongside an understanding of the processes and procedures of commercial production and manufacture:

  • Unit 3: (PROD3) Design and Manufacture
  • Unit 4: (PROD4) Design and Making Practice


Extra-curricular enrichment opportunities

Regular support sessions will be available at lunchtimes, after school and break times throughout the course to help students with homework, projects and exam preparation.