Sports Centre

Designed by the Birmingham office of leading national architects Corstorphine + Wright, the facility provides high quality space for use by both students and the local community, featuring four basketball and badminton courts, cricket lanes, a stage area, theatre lighting, sound proofing and bleacher style seating for 350.


Existing sports facilities at the school, including a gymnasium, sports hall and fitness centre have also been upgraded as part of the project to create a state of the art sports complex.

The new development has linked these existing buildings together with each other and with the main school, improving connectivity and security, creating new shared changing spaces and adding an additional 18,298 sq ft of floorspace.


The new project follows a £20 million redevelopment of the main school building three years ago under the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme.


Roger McBrien, Headteacher at Moseley School, said:

“Our aim in creating this new state of the art facility is to inspire our students and the local community to participate in more sporting activities, which in turn will lead them to become healthier and more active.

“The redevelopment of the main school has created a first class environment for academic learning, but we recognised that sport and drama also play an essential role in our students’ development and that we needed to invest in new sports facilities to enrich the lives and learning of current and future generations.

“We believe the new sports hall and performance space will support our vision to create an environment in which individuals can follow in Moeen’s footsteps to achieve sporting excellence.”

At Moseley, we provide a safe and healthy school environment that enables students to thrive. We want staff and students to work in an emotionally intelligent school where we acknowledge the fallibility of human beings and recognise the impact our actions and words have on others. Our pastoral system ensures that each student is cared for and their needs are met through effective partnerships with all our stakeholders, especially parents and carers. All students have opportunities to broaden their social and cultural horizons. The school provides a clear moral framework based on shared values in which the students feel safe and can flourish. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own beliefs, appreciate different views and develop understanding of their own identity and their own self-worth.

Moseley School and Sixth Form is a place where staff and students are aware of how personal and political decisions affect the future of the environment and of their responsibility to help to sustain our planet. We are a caring community where positive personal relationships have a civilising influence. We recognise the potential in everyone and we support and challenge everyone to achieve their potential. We provide opportunities for our students to develop leadership and resilience, to demonstrate initiative and to improve their personal communication skills. All of the School’s diverse communities share the vision and purpose of the school and through developing character and scholarship we are striving to achieve excellence.

The School values its long history whilst being dynamic and forward looking; a place where staff and students can create and enjoy memorable experiences.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 5pm-9.30pm, Sat/Sun 9am-3pm


All-Weather Pitch, Dance Studio, Gymnasium, Leisure Centre, Meeting Room, Netball Courts, Pulse Point Gym, Sports Hall


5-a-side Football, Aerobics, Badminton, Basketball, Birthday Parties, Cricket, Fitness Classes, Football, Hockey, Netball,
Pulse Point Gym Sessions, Strikes Soccer Academy, Volleyball

 Accessible from Springfield Road entrance.