KS4 Options Information

Your future starts now

What you will be able to do after year 11 will depend on what you do and achieve in Key Stage 4. Whether you want to study A Levels or Vocational courses in the sixth form or whether you want to go on a training programme or modern apprenticeship, you will need the right qualifications. You need to think carefully about the kind of curriculum you need to have in Key Stage 4.

What to do now

  • Read the descriptions of the courses carefully in the curriculum area of the website.
  • Discuss the courses with your parents.
  • Look at the coursework content and the examination details so that you know what is expected.
  • Look at the way the courses are taught and think about the way you learn best.

Who can help?

  • Your parents, they know best and can advise you.
  • Your form tutor for general advice.
  • Subject teachers for specific advice about courses.
  • Your Head of House.
  • Mr Griffin – Assistant Headteacher.
  • Mr Silgrim – Careers Leader.

KS4 Pathway

There are three main elements to the curriculum.

The Core Curriculum

The core is studied by all students to ensure basic skills are developed and a broad and balanced education is gained by everyone. These include:

  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE or BTEC Science
  • PE

The Additional Curriculum

This allows students to choose two optional subjects including:

  • Art
  • Geography
  • Drama
  • Resistant Materials
  • Photography
  • History
  • Business Studies
  • ICT
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Music

The Vocational Curriculum

This allows all students to study one Vocational course, the options include:

  • Business
  • Health & Social Care
  • Sport
  • Art & Design

Performing Arts and Travel & Tourism