School Uniform

All Year 7 to 11 Moseley Students must wear:

  • A black blazer with the Moseley School badge.
  • Plain black shoes (not boots or shoes with logos). Training shoes are not to be worn in school except for PE lessons.
  • Plain black skirt or trousers.
  • Shirts and blouses must be plain white with a stiff collar to enable a school tie to be worn properly. Shirts should be buttoned up and tucked in to skirts/trousers at all times in school throughout the year.
  • The school tie should be worn at all times.
  • Jumpers must be black v neck, allowing the school tie to be clearly visible. They should not be patterned or contain logos. No cardigans are to be worn.
  • Hats or hoods should not be worn in the school building at any time. Baseball caps must not be worn at all.
  • If worn, the Hijab should be plain black, with plain white allowed in summer. The shirt collar and tie should always be visible.


Please note:

  • Top coats should be a plain dark colour and rainproof, not bright or multi-coloured. A reflective strip may form part of the coat for safety purposes.
  • If worn, jewellery must be limited to one pair of studs only (no nose studs or body piercing), one plain ring and one watch.
  • Make up should not be worn in school. Students who do wear it can be asked to remove it.  No coloured contact lens or nail varnish to be worn.
  • Denim should not be worn as a coat or as any part of the uniform since it is neither rainproof nor appropriate school wear.
  • Hooded tops should not be worn to school.
  • Students involved in practical work in Technology should have an apron to protect their clothes. These aprons are available from school.

Physical Education (PE) kit:

Please see separate page for full details of our school PE kit, including prices and stockist information.

school uniform