Code of Conduct


  • Attend school regularly and arrive on time
  • Attend every lesson on time when in school
  • Wear the correct uniform and wear it with pride
  • Treat people the way you would like to be treated
  • Speak quietly and respectfully to all people at all times
  • Leave all facilities as you would like to find them – you will also need to use them

In the Classroom

  • Stay in your seat unless asked to move
  • Put your hand up to ask/answer questions
  • Listen to instructions and follow them carefully
  • Concentrate on your own work and avoid distracting others
  • Complete all work to the best of your ability
  • Maintain your 6 every lesson

Outside the Classroom

  • Arrive on time and be ready to learn
  • When lining up outside the classroom show consideration for other people
  • Enter and leave the classroom in a calm and orderly way
  • Remove coats and bags on entering the classroom

Movement around our school

  • Move directly and quickly to your next lesson without running
  • Avoid causing disturbance to other people or other lessons that have already started
  • Keep to the right
  • Show consideration for other people and respect for their space
  • Take care not to cause damage to school property or the environment
  • Put litter in the nearest available bin

Mobile Phone Policy

Students do NOT need to bring mobile phones to school with them, though we know that many parents like them to have phones for safety when travelling to and from school. Once in school they must be turned off and safely stored in bags. If parents need to get touch with their child, please telephone main reception who will ensure a message is relayed. Likewise our students can request a call is made to parents from Reception or their Year Team office if required.

If mobile phones are seen during the school day our policy for staff is:

  • Confiscate the item if seen out in school
  • Phone and students name is passed to student services, and the student can collect at the end of the school day.

If the student refuses to hand over their phone, this will result in a detention for defiance

Repeat offenders will result in a parental meeting with the Year Team to discuss ongoing concerns.

Open Mornings

100 year anniversary

Supporting your child with independent study

School News

Open Mornings

100 Year Anniversary

Supporting your child with independent study

School News