What will you learn about?
You will learn to produce artwork following a given process that uses observation and development of ideas to create new artwork. All work is linked to existing art work produced by traditional and contemporary artists.

What skills will you develop?
You will develop a range of skills that include:

  • Language for Art
  • Analysis of Artworks
  • Drawing, in pencil, ink, pastels and charcoal
  • Painting in acrylic, watercolour and oil
  • Experimenting with 3D materials
  • Ability to develop both ideas from a starting point in a variety of styles
  • Develop ideas using digital media

How will you learn?
The majority of the work is project based. Initially you will be taught new techniques at the start of the project and shown work by inspiring artists. As you develop a range of skills you will start to work more creatively and independently. Some work will be developed using digital media to enhance the ideas generation process.

What will this course help you to do post 16?
This course will give you a basic set of skills that would prepare you to go on to an A Level course in Art & Design and potentially a degree in Art.

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