Dear Parent/Carer,

Year 11 Progress Evening & PPE Results Wednesday 27th November 2019

I am writing to you in response to your non-attendance at the year 11 Progress Evening and PPE results. We had made every attempt in communicating the time and date of the event to your child and yourself and our school website you can always visit to confirm important dates and information for throughout the school year.

The evening is an important time in your child’s life with them currently getting ever closer to taking their GCSE’s. Not only was there some local college’s and sixth forms with stands, including our very own successful sixth form that were able to give some important advice, but your child also got their PPE results from the recent exams they have just sat and you would have been then able to go and discuss these further with their class teacher.

The evening also consisted of a very informative presentation in relation to how your child is progressing within year 11 and further support and strategies to employ at home in addition to the work we do here in developing your child.

We are Team Moseley, but you are also a strong part of that team in order to create the opportunities for your child in achieving something great come the results they receive in August 2020.

Please can you contact either your Head of House or House Pastoral Manager for your child’s house in order to come in and collect their envelope and have a quick chat about your child.

The school contact is:

Tel: 0121 566 6444 


The next Year 11 Progress Evening and PPE results will be 25th March 2020 and I look forward to you attending. Can I please ask that if this is not possible you contact us to arrange a time to come in and discuss your child’s progress.

Yours sincerely                                   

Mr A Bate





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