End of autumn term

Thank you for all of your support in this first term. I have been impressed with how our students have adapted to the new rules and regulations, and the high engagement in working online during isolation periods. Students have worked together to ensure that we are keeping each other and your families safe, and whilst the government has allowed a period of families mixing over the Christmas period, we ask that you please continue to keep your families and school mates safe by following the guidance of social distancing, masks and isolating when required to stop the spread.

We will be closing the school on Thursday 17th December, at normal time. Friday 18th December will be a training day. We ask that you remind students that we are in Tier 3 and they should be heading straight home. We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday and will welcome students back to school on Tuesday 5th January at the usual school times.

Home learning

It is essential that students attend their live lessons and complete the work provided for them in order to ensure that they are not falling behind. Well done to all the students who have done this and have persevered in these difficult circumstances.

The timetables they follow are available on the year group Teams and have also been given to students for them to put in their planners. We will also be making these available to you through the Edulink app – details of this will follow in January.

Independent learning (homework)

We will be giving students a new independent learning timetable in the New Year. We want to ensure that all our students are independent learners, preparing them for the requirements at KS4 and KS5. We will be asking them to complete independent work for all the subjects that they do, with increased amounts for Maths, English and Science as students have more of these lessons. Expectations and timetables for this will be available through Edulink as well as through the year group Teams. Details of how to access Edulink will follow in January.

School Uniform

Now that all shops are open, students must attend in full and correct school uniform. This includes wearing school shoes, blazers and school ties unless they have PE in which case they should be wearing their school PE kit with their blazer over the top. In cold weather students can wear their full school uniform on top of their PE Kit including a plain black jumper. Students who do not wear the correct school uniform will be sanctioned and parents will be asked to bring missing items to the school. Any items not allowed on school site, such as hooded jumpers will be confiscated.

Full details of the school uniform can be found here; school uniform

Sixth Form students must also follow their dress code when on site, Sixth form dress code

Facemasks must be worn on the school site. You will need to have two masks with you, one to wear, and one for spare! Students should be following the national guidance and wearing these whenever they are around people with whom they do not live. Students who do not have masks with them will be sanctioned.

Part of the school uniform is arriving with full equipment, including their planner, calculator and fully stocked pencil case. Guidance on what students need with them daily is included in the school handbook. Students should not be lending or borrowing equipment from each other. Student handbook

Parent Pay

Parent Pay is the only way that students can pay for food, drinks, uniform items and trips. Please ensure that the account is in credit and students are aware of how much they are able to spend to stop you falling into debt. If you require further assistance please either email parentpayenquiries@moseley.bham.sch.uk or call 0121 566 6444.

Proposed Admission Arrangements for Birmingham Schools

We have been asked to notify you of the Proposed Admission Arrangements for Birmingham Schools who are proposing to make changes to their admissions arrangements for the 2022/2023 Academic year, these can be viewed at: www.birmingham.gov.uk

The consultation runs from 30 November 2020 until 15 January 2021.

Student PPEs

All of our students have completed assessments over the last term to focus their learning with the Year 11 students completing their first set of PPE’s in exam conditions. This was a huge success and has given the students the platform to improve even further. Regular testing has been proven to help with remembering and recalling information. Students will be formally assessed three times a year, but should be self-quizzing and using revision techniques on a daily basis to maximise their success.

Dropping off and collecting students

If you are dropping off or collecting students, could we please request that you either arrange to meet at a point away from the school or wait for them further along the pavement in front of the cricket pavilion. This will ensure that the area does not become congested, other students can safely leave the school site and Covid-19 2 metre distances are maintained between families. Could we remind you that guidance is that students should be walking or cycling to school and that private cars should only be used when absolutely necessary, and only contain people from your household/bubble.

We ask that all parents/carers follow the Highway Code and Please do not cause a disturbance to our neighbours.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Bate

Head Teacher

Covid guidance

If your child has Covid symptoms (cough/fever/temperature/change of taste/smell)

  • everyone in the household self-isolates (stay in your home, do not go out and do not see people who do not live in your house)
  • book a test for the person with symptoms (119 can help you do this in many languages)
  • even if the person feels better or only has mild symptoms – follow government advice and arrange for a test anyway
  • Inform your children’s schools straight away if you have a positive result
  • do not send your child back to school without them taking a test and getting a negative result – this keeps everyone safe

If your child vomits/has diarrhoea

  • this can be contagious and they should stay home to stop a spread
  • this could be an early symptom of COVID
  • please keep them home for 48 hours and monitor them for COVID symptoms

Preparation for school closures

To help to prepare your child for this – please discuss with them what you would expect.

  • Do you want your child to come home alone? If so, do they know how to get there and how to get in? Do they have a key?
  • Should your child wait for you to pick them up? If so, you will need to park somewhere safely and tell them where to meet you.
  • Does your child know what to do if your plan doesn’t seem to have worked? (What if you don’t come to pick them up? What if they forget the way home? They should come back to school and tell an adult who will help them to get in touch with you.
  • Does your child know your phone number from memory? If not, they should learn this – it will help to keep them safe if ever they need you outside of school.

During self-isolation

During self-isolation, students who are not ill should be continuing to follow the timetable put in place for them. This includes attending lessons on TEAMS and completing the work set for them. Not attending or completing this work will be classed as unauthorised absence from school. If your child does not have access to a computer to complete their learning, please contact the Year team who will be able to provide a laptop for your child during self-isolation to ensure that their education does not suffer during this turbulent time.

Spring Term 1 Dates

Spring Term 1

Christmas holidays

Monday 21st December – Monday 4th January 2021

Return to school – Tuesday 5th January 2021

Usual time and gate arrival.

Year 9 HPV Vaccinations

Monday 11th January 2021 – Girls

Tuesday 12th January 2021 – Boys

Year 11 and Sixth Form Progress Evening – Virtual – Thursday 28th January 2021

Numbers Day – Friday 5th February 2021

Year 10 Sports Leadership Event – Monday 8th February 2021

Year 11 Art Photography Trip – 11th & 12th February 2021

Half Term

Monday 15th February – Friday 19th February 2021

Return to school – Monday 22nd February 2021

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