Erasmus Trip

Recently four students from Moseley School and Sixth Form went on an Erasmus trip to Germany, the following story is how the adventure unfolded.

Four of us were lucky enough to be selected and have the opportunity to visit the fantastic country of Germany. It was a unique experience for myself and I have broadened my knowledge of German culture as well as the culture of the countries attending the Erasmus Project.

The amount of friends I have made (we still keep in contact) and the breath-taking sites we visited made this trip truly enjoyable. We met inspirational people who told us about their experiences of fleeing their countries with their families to be able to live free of fear of dying because of war.

It was a motivating trip because it taught us that we must be grateful for the things we have in life, as a lot of times we take things for granted! To learn more about the cultures of different countries we had a bake off challenge where we had to cook a traditional dish from the country we came from. All the dishes were very delicious, my favourite one was Turkish rice! We made Scones with traditional British Tea! Overall, it was a very educational visit and this experience will forever be memorable.

Adnane Majid



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