Essential equipment

Students must be Ready for learning and have the following equipment with them every day:

A strong sturdy bag

Large enough to carry A4 books without bending them


Two pens

Coloured pencils


Pencil case

Glue stick




Green pen

Challenging reading book


Casio FX-83 0r FX-85

Student Card

A student card will be given to students at the start of each school year

Additional items that would be of use are a dictionary, an A4/5 jotter for making notes, an A4 folder with plastic wallets and a thesaurus.

Stationary available to buy through ParentPay

Essential items can also be bought through ParentPay, more details can be found here

Mobile Phone Policy

Students do NOT need to bring mobile phones to school with them, though we know that many parents like them to have phones for safety when travelling to and from school. Once in school they must be turned off and safely stored in bags. If parents need to get touch with their child, please telephone main reception who will ensure a message is relayed. Likewise our students can request a call is made to parents from Reception or their Year Team office if required.

If mobile phones are seen during the school day our policy for staff is:

  • Confiscate the item if seen out in school
  • Log a 30 minute detention on Edulink – ‘Respect – mobile phone use’
  • Hand the phone the appropriate Pastoral Manager
  • The Pastoral Manager will return the phone at the end of the detention

 Repeat offenders will need parents to collect from the year team at a meeting to discuss ongoing concerns.

Open Mornings

100 year anniversary

Supporting your child with independent study

School News

Open Mornings

100 Year Anniversary

Supporting your child with independent study

School News