Examination Dates

March 2020 Pre Public Exams

Your child has been given a personalised timetable that they will follow for the two weeks of the PPE’s.  Along with this is their personalised examination statement which shows exactly what seat they need to sit in.  This will make these examinations more efficient, effective and meaningful for the students to enable them to fully focus to maximise their achievement.  These timetables can be used in conjunction with the PPE timetable that your child received earlier.  I have again attached this below for your convenience. 

You will notice that some of these sessions finish after 3.05 which is line with the public examinations that they will complete in the summer.

Summer 2020 Exams

GCSE and A Level examinations for Summer 2020 will be between Monday 11th May 2020 and Tuesday 23rd June 2020.  Exam boards have put in place a contingency plan that, in the event of a national emergency, exams could be postponed and rescheduled for any date up to, and including Tuesday 23rd June.  It is therefore important to bear this in mind if you are planning on travelling after the exams.

If you need any further information on exams, please view the Moseley School Exam Handbook. This guide is filled with useful information for both parents and students.

If you have any further issues or queries regarding the rules or dates of any of the exams please email us on exams@moseley.bham.sch.uk

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