Dear Students and Parents

The government has confirmed today that schools and colleges can decide whether to continue with the January exams or not. We have made the difficult decision not to run the January/February Vocational Exams this month.

We understand that this will come as disappointing news to many of you who have worked incredibly hard, however, due to the pandemic the lead up to these exams has not been ideal. Students at Moseley school achieve outstanding results and we would not want these exams to show your ability any less than what we think you have the ability to achieve.

In this statement there was a significant focus on the January vocational exams that test and assess practical skills required for employment, and in some cases candidates need this January assessment to finish their work based qualification e.g. electrician qualifications.  The exams scheduled for January/February at Moseley school and Sixth Form do not fall into this category. 

The government also announced that GCSE, A Level and AS Level summer exams will not go ahead.  Instead, grades will be determined through centre and teacher assessment. This means we will have to use evidence of work and assessments that students have produced in order to determine their grade.

This means that students absolutely need to continue to work their hardest and produce their very best work, so teachers can award the grades that students truly deserve. 

In reality this means, all live lessons from now until we return to school, must be attended.  All assignments, quizzes, tests and other work asked to be completed is done to the best of their ability.  By doing this we can ensure no learner is disadvantaged. With this in mind can we please stress to students that you still need to work hard in all your subjects so that you are ready for any kind of assessment that might be required at a future date.  We still plan on carry out our second round of PPE’s in Y11 and the Sixth Form when we do return to school.  This will provide a further set of assessment information for us to award the correct grades to our students. 

Unfortunately we are unable to give further information on any of these arrangements or how grades will ultimately be decided, until the government release detailed guidance.

We will keep you updated as often as we can.

Mr A Bate



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