Homework is an essential part of a student’s learning and at Moseley School homework is set on a daily basis for all students in all years. Students record any homework set in their planner and are expected to show this to their parents.  Moseley School counts on the support of parents in helping to check that students are completing homework to a high standard and are meeting deadlines for completion.  All parents are encouraged to discuss homework with their child’s teachers and to make comments in the student planner.

At home it is essential that children are provided with a peaceful, suitable place to do their homework, away from possible distractions. There are homework clubs available both before and after school (and at local libraries) to provide students with support and students are encouraged to make use of the facilities in school, including the many computers available, to help with homework.

The amount of time a student should spend on homework should be as follows:

Year 7

45 – 90 minutes a day

Year 8

45 – 90 minutes a day

Year 9

1 – 2 hours a day

Year 10

1½ – 2½ hours a day

Year 11

1½ – 2½ hours a day

Year 12/13

2 – 3 hours a day

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