Independent Study

We want to encourage you to become independent learners over your time at Moseley School and Sixth Form. You will be set work to complete outside of school time; usually this will be done on Microsoft Teams. This will normally be activities designed to help reinforce your learning from your lessons, but could also be practising the skills and knowledge needed for the subjects you are studying.

It is your responsibility to follow your independent study timetable and complete all the work that you are set.

How much time should be spent on Independent Study?

You should plan to spend the following amount of time on independent learning each day. (Timings are a guide.)

Year 7

1 hour each day

Year 8

1 hour each day

Year 9

hours each day

Year 10

2 hours each day

Year 11

2 hours each day

Year 12/13

5 hours of independent study per subject per week

In addition, students should be reading regularly, and creating revision notes.

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