Indoor activity ideas

We’ve put together a list of great indoor activity ideas for both you and your family.


Tate Kids has some online tools to help students create their own virtual street art or share canvases decorated at home using regular paint, or that lesser-known medium of fried eggs and bubbles.

London’s Cartoon Museum has guides to scribbling caricatures of famous faces (BoJo; Trump – use as you wish) or ‘finish the story’ comic-strip prompts.


Bear Grylls might be better known for eating creepy crawlies and sleeping inside a dead camel on his adventures in the wild, but in his role as Chief Scout he’s put together more than 100 Great Indoors challenges to complete under lockdown. Try making lollipop catapults, become a ‘blackout poet’ or create a jam-jar tornado using sand and washing-up liquid. No bug eating required.


Entertaining and educational? Win, win. The Science Museum has masses of learning-on-the-job experiments to try: make instant ice cream with a ziplock bag (and no freezer), guide a coin through a magnetic maze drawn on a plastic bottle, or build a cardboard-box pinball machine. Meanwhile Dyson engineers have put together 44 science and engineering challenge cards for budding brains. Can you push a wooden skewer through a balloon without popping it? Or measure the speed of light using chocolate (and a microwave)?


Wannabe astronauts can get a glimpse of how earth looks from far above with NASA’s rather hypnotic live stream from the International Space Station (ISS) The space agency’s new NASA at Home site also has a dizzying array of out-of-this-world resources, from solar-system colouring pages to printable moon journals. Otherwise, simply look up and stargaze from home.

As theatres are currently closed an opportunity to appreciate the arts is available-the National Theatre and Royal Opera House are providing access to a number of shows through their YouTube channel.

Free downloadable STEM activities from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Each activity features instructional step by step videos, accessible kit lists and online worksheets. The activities are broadly non-industry specific and cater to a range of ages and abilities, with extension activities detailed for older/more able children.


With the help of online tools such as Duolingo, Gus on the Go, and Little Pim, to name a few, you’ll be a multilingual household before you can say bravo. These are excellent websites and apps you can access to help your learn a new language or consolidate one you’re already learning.


Jamie Oliver provides some tasty ideas to get you cooking – Cooking ideas- recipes

Follow these easy yummy recipes together, to enjoy the sunny weather with a healthy smoothie in hand.


There are now several photo competitions online to help young people get the most out of lockdown. With a quick search, you’ll soon find the one that best suits you. Here are some awesome ideas for nature photography during lockdown to get you started.

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