Letters from current year 7 students

Our current year 7 students wanted to write a few words to our new students starting with us in September:




Current year 7 student

Hi, I’m Lara, I’m in Keble House and I’m currently in year 7.

One of many things I enjoy at Moseley School is doing P.E, My primary school had only one P.E hall and it wasn’t very big either but here there’s several places where we do P.E. One thing that I’ve struggled with whilst I’ve been in Moseley School is finding my classes since there are so many, in  several different places. I love being a student a Moseley because I know that I can go to any teacher and they’ll help me if I need it. Math is my favourite subject because it is easy. I also love drama because during that lesson I feel more confident and it’s lots of fun. When I return to school I’m looking forward to meeting all my friends and hopefully making new ones.

Moving to secondary school is both, exciting and frightening, don’t be embarrassed to feel that way. On my first day things were confusing for me, I didn’t know where to go or what to do but you soon get used to it so don’t worry. I don’t have many friends that go to Moseley with me, so things were kind of difficult at first, I didn’t know anyone but if you do have relatives or friends that are in Moseley school, make good use of them by asking them where classes are and telling them your worries. I’m sure they’ll help.

Bye for now and I’ll hopefully see you soon  🙂



Current year 7 student

My name is Zayb and i am a student at Moseley school and will be joining year 8 in September. On my way to my first day at school, I was very ecstatic to join and meet the students that will be in my classes. By the end of my first day i had made a few friends which was great. Although joining a new school can be very frightening , there is nothing to worry about as many students will also feel how you are feeling, One piece of advice I’d like to give to the new Year 7 will be to speak to as many peers in their class so that you can get to know everyone.

My favourite subject is drama because i like role play and enjoy the different situations we are put in to act. There will be subjects you may find hard; however, practising will help you gain more knowledge which will lead to better grades! Furthermore, I am very excited to go back to school because i miss being in my lessons with my friends as well was taking part in activities such as football.

 Showing resilience and being respectful to everyone at school are Moseley school’s key values. If you are having trouble with anything you can ask the teachers for help. You will have a great time at Moseley school!

Hope you are looking forward to being part of Moseley school, i will see you all when we go back to school.



Current year 7 student

Hello! My name is Tanisha, I am currently in year 7 soon going into year 8 and I am a pupil at Moseley School and Sixth Form. At Moseley school, everyone is welcomed and is equal, no matter what your race, gender, ethnicity or religion is. We promote respect, endeavour, as well as compassion and we inspire excellence, character and scholarship.

At school, I really enjoy form time, as during form time you can put forward your thoughts and viewpoints on different things happening in different places around the world. None the less, we are all respectful towards everyone’s opinions, despite whether we agree or not. The thing that I find most hard at Moseley School and Sixth Form, is physics, however I have improved drastically with the help of my amazing teachers and the resources that are provided, not to mention, how much more confident I feel.

The thing that I love most about being a student at Moseley, is that we are always pushed to be the very best that we can be and we are always provided with many opportunities to achieve great things. Another thing that I love about being a pupil at Moseley, is that everyone is kind and helpful towards one another, and we all work as a team to be hard working, independent people and to achieve an amazing work ethic.

The subjects that I enjoy most are, history and drama. I really enjoy history as it is so interesting and fun to learn about how our country has changed and developed over time and to see how the country used to be run, by medieval kings and queens. Furthermore, I absolutely love drama, as it is all about creativity and having fun. Not only that, but there is no limit to using your imagination.

When I return to school, I am looking forward to seeing my friends and the teachers, as well as having another fantastic year at Moseley.



Current year 7 student

Hi, my name is Husna Bi and I am a pupil at Moseley School. I’m 12 years old and I’m in Year 7. What I find easy at Moseley is Maths and PE. What I find hard is English and Science, or for you it might be easy or hard.

Don’t worry, you will make lots of new friends and you may have some from your Primary School. Please don’t worry about getting lost because of looking for your classroom you have 5 minutes to find it, or you can ask a teacher or a student to help you.

Goodbye and you will see you soon!



Current year 7 student

Hello, Year 7! I am Ahmed Iqbal and I am in the Worcester house. In this letter, I will be telling you about the experience I had in my first year at Moseley School and giving some advice for you when you start here.

What I enjoy at school, and what I find hard:

I enjoy being able to improve so much on my Urdu: especially learning how to write in that language! I also enjoy Technology because I can learn so much and have something to bring home. However, there are some things I find hard or I found hard. I used to find it hard looking for my classes around school, but now I don’t. I sometimes find it hard trying new things – in subjects.

What I love about being a student at Moseley School:

Firstly, I love being able to learn the variety of subjects, which are very interesting. Secondly, I love being able to use many of the facilities the school offers, such as the library and the sports hall. Also, I really like how I made many friends and settled in.

Which subjects I enjoy most and why:

One of the subjects I enjoy the most is Urdu. This is because learning new things about a language is very interesting to me and I learn so much. Another subject I enjoy the most is Technology. I enjoy Technology because I get to learn how to make new things, using a variety of equipment and the result is great. Also, I enjoy History because there are many fascinating events that happened in the past.

What I am looking forward to when I return to school:

I am looking forward to continue learning new things in subjects. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and my friends. I am also looking forward to going back to my normal routines and enjoy my time.

My advice:

When you come to school, don’t worry about being lost because there are many teachers around the school that can help you get to your class. Also, try to make new friends because then you will settle in quickly. Don’t worry about anything because in the first couple of weeks, teachers will help you settle in.

Goodbye! See you soon! Best of luck in Year 7.

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