Dear Parent and Carers,

Mobile phones in school

Mobile Phones must not be used on site. Whilst we are aware you may choose to provide your child with a mobile phone for communication purposes on the way to and from school for their safety, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that this is stored safely away during the school day and only used before or after they are on the school site. Part of being Ready, Respectful and Responsible is to be focused on school whilst on the premises. If you do need to contact your child for an emergency, please contact the Year office and a message will be passed on to your child.

Mobile phones will be confiscated if they are seen on the school site by staff, this includes, if parents are calling the phone at the end of the day. All confiscated phones will be checked for safeguarding purposes, and then stored in a locked area. These will only be returned to a parent or carer at Reception on the first Thursday afternoon following confiscation. In the case of repeat instances, parents will be contacted and asked that the phone is not brought into school in future.

“Where the person conducting the search finds an electronic device that is prohibited by the school rules or that they reasonably suspects has been, or is likely to be, used to commit an offence or cause personal injury or damage to property, they may examine any data or files on the device where there is a good reason to do so. They may also delete data or files if they think there is a good reason to do so, unless they are going to give the device to the police. This power applies to all schools and there is no need to have parental consent to search through a young person’s mobile phone if it has been seized in a lawful ‘without consent’ search and is prohibited by the school rules or is reasonably suspected of being, or being likely to be, used to commit an offence or cause personal injury or damage to property.”

Department of Education, Searching, Screening and Confiscation: advice for schools.

Dropping off and collecting Students from school

Part of ensuring your child is Ready, Respectful and Responsible is for them to be able to arrive and leave school independently. If you do feel that you need to drop and pick them up from school, it is essential to keep our students safe, that parents are following the Highway Code. Obstructing, hindering or preventing free passage of traffic is an offence.

Please ensure that you follow the below guidance

  • Do not stop or park on the yellow zig zag lines around the school
  • Do not stop in the middle of the road to let your child out
  • Do not park on a dropped curb
  • Do not park on a road junction (corner of a road)
  • Do not park in front of a bus stop
  • Do not sit in your car with your engine running

School does not finish until 3pm and we ask that parents please refrain from parking around the school gates up to an hour earlier causing traffic.

There will be an increased police presence around the school site to help maintain the safety of our students..

Yours sincerely

Mr A Bate


Mobile Phones Policy

Mobile phones and other electronic devices should NOT be brought onto the school site. If seen or heard, they will be confiscated and only returned to parents, who must come to school on Thursdays between 3.15pm and 4.15pm to collect the items.

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