Dear Parent / Carer,

As part of our commitment to providing our students with high quality online education and support your child has been selected to take part in the Moseley Mentoring Programme.  This an opportunity that is only being provided for 120 students across all year groups.  We have selected students who we believe will benefit the most from having access to this additional level of support.

It is an excellent opportunity for your child to receive 15 hours of additional support and guidance over the next half term with a coach or teacher. Due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions, these mentor sessions will be delivered online through our teaching platform Teams.  

The sessions will take place twice a week and will focus on providing support and guidance on key areas of their learning and assisting them on the completion of directed study.  The sessions will begin immediately after halfterm and run until Easter.  A new student timetable will be sent out following this letter.

The Technology  

The tuition sessions will take place on the TEAMS.  Your child will receive an invitation to their mentor session from the mentor; it is important they look for and accept this invitation to their session.  It will then appear on their calendar.


Interactive Lessons tutors and students work on a highly interactive shared whiteboard so that pupils are active participants in their learning rather than passive observers. 

Searchable Lesson Recordings– every session is recorded, transcribed and fully searchable, allowing students to revisit their tutoring to help embed learning. 

Performance Tracking -complementing rich lesson data, student learning is tracked at the start and end of their mentoring programme as well as after each individual lesson. 

Your Assistance  

To get the best from this opportunity, it is really important that your child remains fully engaged with their mentor programme for these 15 sessions. To support the success of the programme for your child, please follow the steps and processes outlined below: 

  • Your child will need access to a suitable device preferably a PC or Laptop. If you have any issues with this please contact your child’s Head of Year.  
  • Ensure your child attends every mentor session and completes the full 15-hour programme. 

I hope you agree this additional mentoring will be invaluable alongside our continuing remote learning timetable. We very much appreciate your full support. 

Yours sincerely,

Mr S Edwards

Deputy Headteacher

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