We expect all members of our school community to embrace our core values

Respect, Endeavour & Compassion.

It is through expressing these values that we conduct all our conversations, work in and out of the classroom and build good relationships between students and staff. As a part of Moseley School and Sixth Form, it is understood that you agree to these tenets and will uphold them in your own behaviour and day to day life in the school.

Our school is a diverse community

We are a large, 11-18, mixed comprehensive school in the Moseley area of Birmingham. It lies in the parish of St Christopher, Springfield. Moseley is a non-denominational school of 1300 students with a diverse ethnic, economic and religious profile. We value, encourage and seek to learn about all of the different elements of each other’s lives that make up who we are – all individuals but with plenty to share in and celebrate.

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