Our Vision 

Inspiring Excellence in Character and Scholarship

  • To prepare the ‘whole child’ to be ready for life
  • To achieve academic excellence for all
  • To work together as a strong community

In our pursuit of excellence we expect all student to meet our expectations and demonstrate our values: 

Our Expectations 

Ready, Respectful and Responsible:

Our Values

We believe every child has the potential to achieve greatness and exceed their wildest dreams through our RAISE values:

  • Resilience
  • Ambition
  • Independence 
  • Supportiveness 
  • Effective communicators

Moseley School & Sixth Form Charter

Students and staff begin the journey to excellence in character & scholarship when they are:


  • Have excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Are well presented and smartly dressed
  • Are well organised and prepared
  • Are ambitious about what they can achieve
  • Are resilient when faced when challenges



  • Value time in school, the environment and the people around you
  • Respect other’s thoughts, beliefs and opinions
  • Actively listen to others and are effective communicators
  • Are supportive of other’s and respect their challenge’s



  • Complete work/tasks on time to the highest standards
  • Make good decisions and take responsibility for their actions 

  • Are independent and reflect on and improve their standards
  • Stay engaged and motivated to achieve excellence 

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