Testing, Staggered Reopening and Full Reopening

Dear Students, Parents and Carers

You will find below information on:

  1. Testing Times – Covid Lateral Flow testing
  2. Staggered reopening of school arrangements
  3. Full reopening of school

1. Testing Times 

Thank you to all of you who have consented to the lateral flow testing programme this week and in the coming week.  Below is a reminder of the testing days.  Please check e-mails for exact times.

Year 7 – Thursday 4th, Tuesday 9th and Friday 12th March

Year 8 – Wednesday 3rd, Monday 8th and  Thursday 11th March

Year 9 – Thursday 4th, Tuesday 9th and Friday 12th March

Year 10 – Tuesday 2nd, Friday 5th and Monday 8th March

Year 11 – Monday 1st, Friday 5th March and Wednesday 10th March

Year 12 – Tuesday 2nd, Friday 5th and Wednesday 10th March

Year 13 – Wednesday 3rd, Monday 8th and Friday 12th March

Do not worry if you have yet to have your test, additional dates will be provided to you a later time.

    You can inform us about your consent for testing here:

    2. Staggered reopening of school arrangements

    I would now like to give you more information about the re-integration days that take place from next week (8th March) and the full reopening of school the following week (15th March).

    Each year group will have one re-integration day.  They need to come into school in full school uniform (PE kit not required on this day), enter via their normal entrance and at their normal times. They need to bring their own equipment, bag, be wearing a mask and bring a spare.  Normal lunch arrangements will be available on the day.  Parent pay accounts will be need to be topped up and students will need to bring their cards.  FSM will be provided where appropriate.

    The re-integration days are in week 2 and are as follows:

    Monday 8th March – Year 11

    Tuesday 9th March – Year 8

    Wednesday 10th March – Year 7

    Thursday 11th March – Year 9 and 13

    Friday 12th March – Year 10 and 12

    Year group start times & Term dates information

    On these days, all years will have a tutor session and years 7 – 11 will have a personal development session allocated to a period during the day, even if they do not normally have personal development on that day.  Sixth form will have their personal development session in tutor time.  The rest of the day will be their normal timetabled lessons.

    On all other days you need to stay at home as you will be following your normal home learning live lesson timetable.

    3. Full reopening of school

    From 15th March, attendance at school is compulsory and all students need to wear full school uniform or PE kit if they have PE on that day (it is a week 1).  They must enter via their normal entrance and at their normal times.  Period 1 will be an essential tutor session and students will then follow their normal school timetable.

    Everyone at school is looking forward to welcoming you back on your day next week and fully on the 15th March.

    If you want any further information please do not hesitate to contact your head of year.


    Yours faithfully,

    Mr A Bate


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