Reopening of School

We look forward to welcoming all students back to Moseley School and Sixth Form in September, we have been busy preparing all the necessary measures to keep everyone safe as we return to school, all  you need to know can be found in the films and information below:


Please select the appropriate year group, to view a film with relevant information on returning to school:


Year 7 Reopening

Important information for year 7 on the reopening of Moseley School in September 2020 here: 

Year 8 Reopening

Important information for year 8 on the reopening of Moseley School in September 2020 here: 

Year 9 Reopening

Important information for year 9 on the reopening of Moseley School in September 2020 here: 

Year 10 Reopening

Important information for year 10 on the reopening of Moseley School in September 2020 here: 

Year 11 Reopening

Important information for year 11 on the reopening of Moseley School in September 2020 here: 

Getting ready for September – things to do in August!


Students will be expected to wear the full Moseley School uniform from September. Uniform shops are now open if items need to be replaced, but please do not leave this too late as many now require you to pre-book your visit.

PE Kit

On days when they have PE, students should travel to school in their full Moseley School PE kit as they will not be able to use the changing rooms.


Students will not be able to share equipment so it is even more important that they come prepared for learning. Students will need a full set of equipment ready for September along with a suitable bag to carry books and equipment to and from school.

Masks / face coverings

The Government have now updated their guidance to schools to say:

On the basis of current evidence, in light of the mitigating measures education settings are taking, and the negative impact on communication, face coverings will not generally be necessary in the classroom even where social distancing is not possible.

The guidance remains that they should be worn on public transport or in busy public places where 2m social distancing is difficult. If students and their families wish for them to wear a mask or face covering in school, we are happy for them to do so. Students may wear masks inside the building, in particular when arriving and moving to classrooms first thing in the morning, during break and lunch time (except when eating) and at the end of the day while leaving site and travelling home.

If students and their families will be reassured by wearing a mask in lessons, we are happy for them to do so, but it is important to note that poor use of a mask or face covering can actually put the user at greater risk. If you would like your son or daughter to use a covering, please ensure they know how to do so effectively. Masks should be worn covering both the nose and mouth fully. Government guidance for their use in schools states:

Safe wearing of face coverings requires cleaning of hands before and after touching – including to remove or put them on – and the safe storage of them in individual, sealable plastic bags between use. Where a face covering becomes damp, it should not be worn and the face covering should be replaced carefully.

We would always recommend students have a spare mask with them if wish to wear them to and from school or during the school day.

If worn, masks must be either plain or with an inoffensive pattern if a cloth covering.

More information on masks in schools can be found here: What are the rules for face masks or face coverings

Information on how to wear a fabric mask can be found here: How to wear a fabric mask safely

In September…


Attendance to school is once again mandatory for all school aged children from the beginning of the autumn term. The usual rules on school attendance will apply. Schools will be expected to record attendance, follow up on absences and issue sanctions including the issuing of fixed penalty notices in line with local authority guidance.

We have done everything possible to make it safe for our students to return and receive a full education. If your child is ill, please keep them at home and report their absence though a phone call to school as early as possible. If your child appears unwell with Covid symptoms, please arrange for a test NHS Covid-19 Testing and follow Government guidance.


Gates open at 8.30am and close at 8.45am. Year 8 and 10 will leave school at 2.50pm. Year 7, 9, 11 and 6th Form will leave school at 3.00pm. Students arriving late to school will be placed in a detention at the end of the day. Parents will be informed of detentions via text message.

Arrival to school

  • Year 7, 8 and 6th Form will arrive through gate A on Wake Green Road (main reception)
  • Year 9 will arrive through gate B on Wake Green Road (staff entrance)
  • Year 10 and 11 will arrive through gate C on College Road

Start dates and times

For the first few days of term there will be different arrangements to allow us to effectively support students back into school.

  • Year 7 will start back to school on Thursday 3rd September at 8.30am
  • Year 12 will start back to school on Thursday 3rd September at 9.45am
  • Year 9, Year 11 and Year 13 will start back on Monday 7th September at 8.30am
  • Year 8 and 10 will start back on Monday 7th September at 9.00am


Moseley School is a place in which students are encouraged and expected to be the best they can be and to follow the three Rs: Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn.

  • Respectful – A respectful student is proud to be a member of Moseley School and values their time at school, their education, the environment and the people around them.
  • Responsible – A responsible student is always very motivated and works well independently and in a team. They contribute to lessons and use their initiative.
  • Ready to learn – A student who is ready to learn rarely has any time off school. They are well organised and plan their time to ensure that they are not late and that they bring the right equipment and books each day.

Additional school rules under the current circumstances

Our full good conduct policy is available on the school website: Good Conduct & Behaviour Policy

To keep one another safe students will:

  • Travel to and from school on foot, bicycle or in a private car, avoiding public transport wherever possible.
  • Travel directly between home and school.
  • Try our best to stay 2m from teachers (who will be working across bubbles) at all times.
  • Not mix with students or staff from other groups or ‘bubbles’ to prevent the passing of infection.
  • Move around school following markings or directions and avoiding other people.
  • Follow government advice on hygiene:
  • Never cough or sneeze towards another person
  • Catch all coughs and sneezes in a tissue and throw it away (catch it, bin it, kill it), then wash our hands

Behaviour that wilfully undermines the safety measures that the school has put in place or risks the safety of students or staff will not be tolerated. If incidents occur then they will be treated as high level behavioural incidents and sanctioned accordingly.

Examples might include:

  • Deliberately ignoring the social distancing measures put in place by the school.
  • Truancy or walking away from a member of staff will be considered potentially dangerous behaviour and sanctioned as such.
  • Spitting at another student or member of staff.
  • Deliberately coughing at a student or member of staff.
  • Behaviour or language that is intended to cause alarm or distress to students or staff about the current situation.


Additional videos & links about safe transport

Bikeability useful video: Bikeability Film

Bikeability channel with range of useful videos: Bikeability Training

Travel on buses: Buses – Plan your journey

Travel by train: Train – Plan your journey

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