Dear Parents and Carers


January Reopening

Due to updated government guidance to keep everyone safe, we are following advice and staggering the start to this term. Please note that these arrangements are subject to change if staffing or any other COVID issues force changes, we will communicate any changes as early as we can, thank you for your ongoing support.

Year groups will be expected to attend school as follows:

Return to school for in-school lessons – Attendance compulsory

  • Year 7 : Monday 10th January (8.35am)
  • Year 8 : Wednesday 5th January (11.30am)
  • Year 9 : Thursday 6th January (8.35am)
  • Year 10: Thursday 6th January (11.30am)
  • Year 11: Wednesday 5th January (8.35am)
  • Year 12: Friday 7th January (8.35am)
  • Year 13: Thursday 6th January (8.35am)

NOTE: Students should go straight to their tutor room on arrival.

When in school, students should follow their timetables shown on the stickers on their student cards as some further changes are being made to the timetables on the system.

All Year 8 to Y13 students will also be in school on Friday 7th January (8.35am)  and should go to their 1st lesson as usual. 

Covid Testing

We will also be carrying out COVID tests for students, if you have not yet given consent or want to update consent, you can do so here: Testing Consent Form

Independent study at home via Teams

Students will do independent study on Teams on the following days and should log on at 8.35am to check the timetable and begin studying.

  • Year 7, 9, 10,12,13: Wednesday 5th January
  • Year 7,8,11,12: Thursday 6th January
  • Year 7: Friday 7th January as well as coming in for your COVID test, more details below.

Year 7 further information

Year 7 will return to lessons on site on Monday 10th January. Please arrive at school for the normal start time of 8.35am through Gate A and go to your form room (NOT YOUR PERIOD 1 LESSON). Set changes will take place at this point and you will have a form time session with your new group. Lessons will start from period 2.

You are invited to attend on Friday 7th January for a COVID test in school, we recommend that you take this opportunity and can provide consent, if not already done so here: Testing Consent Form

Year 7 students should come to Gate D, Springfield Road, you have been given a 30 minute time slot and you will then return home to complete independent study.

Timings for Friday 7th January covid tests:

  • 9am – 7A1
  • 9.30am – 7A2
  • 10am – 7B1
  • 10.30am – 7B2
  • 11.30am – 7C1
  • 12 noon – 7C2
  • 12.30pm – 7D1
  • 1.30pm – 7D2
  • 2pm – 7D3

Please also complete a lateral flow COVID test before coming back into school on Monday and continue to test twice weekly (Tuesday and Friday).

Face masks on the school site

Following on from the update from Department of Education face masks will again be compulsory on the school site. Students, unless medically exempt, must now wear masks when in all communal areas – classrooms, corridors, outside spaces, including the lunch queue and assemblies.

We will continue to follow the guidance in order to keep our students, staff and all of our families safe.

PE Kit

If students are timetabled to have PE on their return day, please remember to wear PE kit if they normally have PE on the day they are in.

Positive Covid test or symptoms

Please do not attend school if you are positive for COVID or have symptoms, more information to help can be found here: Coronavirus information

Yours sincerely

Mr A Bate



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