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Mosettes and Rewards

Moseley School actively promotes high standards of behaviour, self-discipline and learning. We do this every day through positive encouragement and reward. Outstanding effort or achievement will be rewarded through the school’s ‘Mosette’ points system.


  • Our reward system is based around the award and collection of Mosettes. Mosettes have a value and can be ‘spent’ on a variety of exciting and useful rewards.
  • All pupils are encouraged by their teachers to value and take pride in their work and individual achievements, and to respect and value the achievement of others.
  • Mosettes (at KS3 and KS4) will be awarded to pupils throughout school for good work and effort in curriculum areas, contributing to the school community as well as for behavior and attendance.
  • These will be indicated by electronic merits logged on to each individual’s Mosettes record
  • Mosettes may be awarded by any member of staff to reward significant contributions to the school community outside the classroom, eg in extra-curricular activities, care for the environment and in the local community.
  • Reward trips can be accessed by pupils who meet set criteria based on attendance, behaviour and punctuality.
  • Departments should issue departmental post-cards for on-going good work, improved/ sustained effort as appropriate.
  • The Annual Presentation Evening will further reward the highest achievers and best effort in each subject at KS3, KS4 and KS5.

The school will seek to give pupils meaningful positions of responsibility wherever possible, eg pupil librarians, tutor group responsibilities, school council, House Captains etc.

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