Rice appeal award

Recognition award for our rice appeal for Yemen. 

We’re delighted to receive a recognition award from ISRA UK for our School efforts to collect rice for the people of Yemen.

Rice appeal.

During the month of Ramadan we had a 20ft container on school site.

The purpose of this container was to send some much needed humanitarian relief to North Yemen. A call for help to fill the container  with rice was sent out to school students, staff,  parents, the local community, our neighbouring mosques, churches,  businesses, friends and family. They all answered our call.

During the two weeks that the container was on site we filled it with approximately 21 tons of rice and baby formula

Every day the team collected rice from around the school and Mr Ahmed would collect Rice from supermarkets and Cash and Carry’s. Every evening we would have a team of staff, students and representatives from ISRA UK unloading and filling the container.

Miss Mustafa and Mr Ahmed also had some amazing donations from their network of friends and family which meant that over the weekend we were able to do pick up after pick up of rice, the container was almost full.

We completed our final collection of rice from around school. Once again hundreds of kilo’s of rice had been donated and the last rice was added to the container and the doors finally closed. The container was finally collected and started it’s journey to Taiz in North Yemen. 

The rice has now arrived in Taiz in North Yemen and is having a massive effect on the people of Yemen, well done to everyone involved in the project. 



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