Scholars Programme Graduation

Graduation ceremony from University of Oxford, Brasenose College.


Recently our students participated in a graduation ceremony from Brasenose College, University of Oxford after successfully completing the Scholars’ Programme. Three of our students achieved a 2.1 university grade.

The Scholars Programme aims to give students an experience of university learning to help them make an informed decision about their future. The Programme aims to not only widen students understanding of university, but to also develop a range of valuable, transferable skills which will help them regardless of what career or education path they choose after leaving school.

According to UCAS taking part in the programme made it “significantly more likely” for pupils to progress to a highly-selective university compared with their counterparts from similar backgrounds.

Pupils worked with a PhD researcher on a university style module. The programme is pitched at a Key Stage above where pupils are currently studying and are designed to develop pupils’ written and verbal communication, critical thinking and metacognition through exciting, supra-curricular content. Congratulations to all the students involved we are very proud of what you have achieved.

What our students have to say

My trip to University of Oxford was mesmerising. The ancient-style buildings complemented the university as the architectural design was tremendous. My graduation ceremony was very enjoyable and it helped me feel prouder of myself. The trip motivates me more as I want to achieve the highest grades I can so I could go to top notch universities such as Oxford.

Zayb Ul-Hassa

The brilliant club has really helped me get out of my comfort zone and to grow and develop my confidence as a person and a student. It has helped me to understand the expectations of studying at higher education and that I can attend one of the most prestigious universities if I work hard. 

Ibrahim Salah

University of Oxford was a stupendous, spectacular and once-in-a-lifetime experience.I would say that this was an amazing and memorable experience, and I consider myself lucky to have been selected to participate in the Scholars’ Programme. 

Sundus Hussein

Participating in the Scholars Programme has allowed me to learn how universities enable individuals to develop key social skills as they meet new people every day. The Scholars Programme has made me improve my knowledge on university essays and helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. I am able to understand a key structure for future university essays that I can now substitute into my GCSE work.

Sadia Mahmood

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