School Governance

The Governors of Moseley School and Sixth Form are responsible for the staffing, finance, premises, curriculum and future planning of the school.

The Governors work very closely with the senior leadership team in making decisions about the school.

Co-opted Governors
Patricia Beanland (Chair)  Renew date: 06/07/25
Nazir Khan (Vice Chair)  Renew date: 06/07/25
Akhtar Choudhary  Renew date: 06/07/25
Nargis Rashid  Renew date: 06/07/25
Laura Amerasekera
Renew date: 16/09/23
Saqub Sheikh
Renew date: 08/12/24
Co-opted Governor Vacancy TBC
Co-opted Governor Vacancy TBC
Andrew Bate Ex – Officio
Parent Governors
Sadia Ali Renew date: 15/07/25
Nuru Mohammed Renew date: 14/01/23
Local authority
Shamsul Arifeen Renew date: 30/03/25
Staff Governors
Safraz Hussain Renew date: 29/09/22
Partnership Governors
Marius Pui Renew date: 08/12/24
Partnership Governor Vacancy Renew date: 15/07/25
Associate members
Selvaraj Vincent Renew date: 8/12/24

The contact address for governors is c/o Moseley School, Wake Green Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 9UU.

Governor Special Responsibility Links

All of our Governors are linked to a specialist area, providing support and advice.


Safeguarding / Child Protection Governor: Laura Amerasekera
SEND Governor: Nazir Khan
Health and Safety Governor: Akhtar Choudhary
Safer Recruitment Governor: Patricia Beanland
Community Links Governor: Sarfaz Hussain
Equalities Governor: Nargis Rashid
Website: Sequb Sheikh
Training Governor: Nargis Rashid
Pastoral Link Governor: Nazir Khan

Governors Faculty Links

All of our Governors are linked to a faculty providing support and advice.


Faculty Head of Faculty  Governor

Chris Green

Rachel Slowey

Jenny Wilkie

Nargis Rashid
Maths Dave Marrott: Patricia Beanland
Science Phil Kinnaird Nazir Khan
Humanities Sarfraz Hussain Vacant
Languages Alan Boyes Akhtar Choudhary
Social Science Kully Sandal Vacant
Vocational Education Rebecca Burrell Laura Amarasekera
Technology / The Arts Viraj Sharma Shamsul Arifeen
Sixth Form John Boyle Nuru Mohammed

Jennie Howes

Simon Bowler

Marius Pui (TBC)



Committees The Pay Committee is compromised of the Chairs of Site & Finance, Curriculum & Student Matters and Personnel Committee.
Personnel Committee
  1. Nargis Rashid (Chair of Committee)
  2. Nazir Khan
  3. Akhtar Choudhary
  4. Selvaraj Vincent
  5. Saqub Sheikh
  6. Andrew Bate – HT
  7. Karen Liston (HR Officer) – Observer

Minimum of three members required.

Curriculum & Student Matters Committee
  1. Nazir Khan (Chair of Committee)
  2. Laura Amarasekera
  3. Sarfraz Hussain
  4. Nargis Rashid
  5. Nuru Mohammed
  6. Simon Edwards (DHT) – Observer
  7. Simon Bowler (DHT) – Observer
  8. Jenny Wilkes (DHT) – Observer

Minimum of three members required.

Site & Finance Committee
  1. Patricia Beanland (Chair of Committee)
  2. Akhtar Choudhary
  3. Shamsul Arifeen
  4. Andrew Bate – HT
  5. Business Manager – Observer

Minimum of three members required.

Staff Disciplinary & Dismissal Committee Governors derived from other committees.
Staff Disciplinary & Dismissal Appeals Committee Governors derived from other committees.
Pupil Disciplinary Committee Governors derived from other committees.


Governor Register of Attendance 2018 - 2019

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Code of Conduct

All governors are required to sign a Code of Conduct to ensure that standards are maintained.

Code of Conduct for Governors

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Pecuniary Interests

All Governors are required to declare Pecuniary Interests. These declarations are held at the School and if you wish to have access to this please contact the Headteachers PA.

Pecuniary interests of governing body members in the table below:

School Governors - Business Interests

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School Governors - Pecuniary Interests

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