Dear Parent / Guardian of Sixth form students,

Following the lockdown of the Sixth Form, we wanted to get in touch to highlight some changes that will be in place for students upon their return.

Students must wear school appropriate (non-offensive designs) face masks whilst moving around the school site and when in communal areas. Any student who does not bring a face mask to school will be asked to sit separately from their peers during break/lunch times and to bring one with them the next day. Students do not need to wear masks in lessons. Additionally, they must sanitise their hands before and after each lesson and when entering and leaving a study space. They will also need to wipe their desks/computers down with anti-bacterial wipes after each lesson has finished.

It was unfortunate that after our assembly warning students about social distancing and hand shaking that some students admitted to not adhering to these guidelines. Students are reminded that they should sit/stand 2 metres apart wherever possible in communal/study spaces. Furthermore, they should not shake hands or have any other physical contact with anyone who is not part of their household. Due to the fact we have already had transmission between students in school, we now hope students view this as a stark warning and now understand the reasons we have put these measures in place.

To reduce the amount of time students spend in school, and therefore reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus, we have now decided to let students sign in and out according to their lesson timetable. This rule will apply to both Year 12 and Year 13 from Monday 5th October. For example, if a student does not have a lesson until P3 (11.00am-12.00pm), we would allow students to sign in at 10.45am. They will do this by signing in electronically at reception. Whilst signing in, students must ensure that only one person is in reception at any one time. This will have no impact on students’ attendance and punctuality data. Students must continue to attend Tutor time every day so students will only be allowed to sign out of school at the start of lesson 5 and only if they have a study period. If there are any students who would like to work in school for the whole day, they will be allowed to do so and will sign in in the normal way.

To reduce the amount of contact different year groups have with each other and therefore to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus, we have decided to assign the two library spaces to the two different year groups. The ‘Lower School Library (LRC)’ will now become the Year 12 library and the ‘Sixth Form Library’ will now become the Year 13 library. Year 12 and 13 students will only have access to the library that is assigned to their year group. If students have a study period lesson 1, this will mean that each year group must go to their assigned library to sign in. If Year 12 students need to speak to a member of the Sixth Form team, they must ask a member of staff working in the ‘Lower School Library (LRC)’ to phone one of us and we will collect them and walk them across in order to prevent Year 12 students mixing with Year 13 students in the ‘Sixth Form Library’.

At lunchtime Year 12 and Year 13 will be seated at separate tables to further reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus between the two year groups. At break and lunchtime, Year 12 will be able to use the space on the field next to the under-croft and the tree line. To get to and from this area, Year 12 will need to enter and leave Building A through the exit next to their assigned library. From building B and C they should use the normal route to this area. Year 13 will be able to use the Head’s garden area. To get to and from this area, Year 13 students must leave the Sixth form library in the normal way, walk down the corridor next to the Sixth form library and then go through the small red doors to enter and exit Building A.

For Year 12 students, the ‘Six week trial’ deadline has been extended. The assessments in their subjects will now take place between Monday 5th October and Friday 16th October. We will review suitability for courses after this period.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mr Boyle

Assistant Headteacher – Head of Sixth Form

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