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View JCQ Guidance here: JCQ Guidance for students.

View Ofqual Student guide here: Ofqual Student guide to awarding grades

Sources of Evidence

The full list of assessments used as evidence to inform the school grade determination process:

View KS4 Sources of Evidence here: KS4 SOURCES OF EVIDENCE TAG 

View KS5 Sources of Evidence here: KS5 Sources of Evidence TAG

Please note: all staff have been made aware of the need to maintain the confidentiality of teacher-assessed grades (TAG); they will be unable to share details of grades from further assessments contributing to the final grade, nor the final grade itself.

View the Centre Assessment Policy Here: CENTRE ASSESSMENT POLICY 2021


The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have provided centres with the following guidance about malpractice.

It is possible that some students may attempt to influence their teachers’ judgements about their grades.

Students might attempt to gain an unfair advantage during the centre’s process by, for example, submitting fabricated evidence or plagiarised work. This would include the use of unauthorised notes or materials, either electronic or hard copy. Such incidents would constitute malpractice and centres must report these to the appropriate awarding organisation.

Students, or individuals acting on behalf of a student, such as parents/carers, might also try to influence grade decisions by applying pressure to centres or their staff. Centres are expected to retain clear and reliable records of the circumstances and the steps taken, and make students aware of the outcome. However, if a student continues to inappropriately attempt to pressure centre staff then centres must to report this to JCQ.

Please be aware that all investigations into alleged malpractice remain confidential and the findings, including any sanctions imposed, are not publicly disclosed.

Autumn 2021 Re-sits

Any student who receives a teacher-assessed grade (TAG) this summer, or who an exam board reasonably believes would have entered for the exams in summer 2021 had they taken place, can take the corresponding GCSE, AS and A level exams in autumn 2021. Full Ofqual guidance can be found here.

Further Information

We will be giving student’s information on how to appeal a grade later in the summer term. At this time we will also give students information on how we plan to run results day, the dates are as follows;

GCE: Tuesday 10 August 2021
GCSE: Thursday 12 August 2021


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