Term Dates

September changes Just to remind you, the school day times will be changing in September to further improve our classroom provision. All students should be onsite moving to lessons at 8.30am. Gates will be closed at 8.35am, and students not onsite will be recorded as late.

Students will all be able to arrive and leave from either gate A or C. The School site opens to children from 8am.

Term Dates

Autumn Term 2022


Wednesday 7th September – Friday 21st October

Year 7 and 12 start Wednesday 7th September

All other school years (no Y12) Thursday 8th September

Year 7 Curriculum Evening – Wednesday 5th October

Sixth Form Progress Evening – Wednesday 19th October

Half Term

Monday 24th October – Friday 28th October

Monday 31st October – Friday 16th December

Year 11 PPE Examinations – Monday 7th November – Friday 18th November

Sixth Form Open Event – Monday 7th – Friday 18th November

Year 10 PPE Examinations – Monday 21st November – Friday 25th November

School Closed – Friday 2nd December

Year 11 PPE Review/Progress Evening – Wednesday 14th December PLEASE  NOTE: This event has now been postponed to January, further information to follow.

School Closing for Holidays – 12 noon – Friday 16th December

Christmas Holidays

Monday 19th December – Tuesday 3rd January

Spring Term 2023


Wednesday 4th January – Friday 17th February

Teacher Training Day Tuesday 3rd January

Years 7, 8 & 9 Assessments Monday 9th January – Tuesday 17th January

Year 11 Progress Evening – Wednesday 18th January

Staff Training Day – Wednesday 1st February

Year 10 Progress Evening – Wednesday 8th February


Half Term

Monday 20th February – Friday 24th February

Monday 27th February – Friday 31st March

Year 11 PPE Examinations – Monday 27th February – Friday 10th March

Year 8 Pathways &  Progress Evening – Monday 20th March

Y11 Progress Evening – Wednesday 29th March

School Closing for Holidays – 12 noon – Friday 31st March

Easter Break

Monday 3rd April – Friday 14th April

Summer Term 2023


Monday 17th April – Friday 26th May

Sixth Form Progress Evening – Wednesday 19th April

Bank Holiday – Monday 1st May

Year 7 Progress Evening – Wednesday 10th May

Year 9 Progress Evening – Wednesday 24th May


Half Term

Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June

Monday 5th June – Tuesday 25th July

Year 7 & 8 Assessment Monday 12th June – Friday 16th June

Year 7 – 10 and 12 Assessment Monday 19th June – Friday 30th June

Year 9 & 10 Assessments Monday 3rd July – Friday 7th July

Enrichment Week Monday 10th July – Friday 14th July

School Closing for Holidays – 12 noon – Tuesday 25th July


If a child is too ill to attend school, parents/carers must phone 0121 566 6444 before 8.45am or the child will be marked as absent without authorisation.


Any students arriving late to school need to enter through the Wake Green Road entrance (Gate A), will be marked late for school and given a 30 minute detention (see below)

End of the School day.

Students must leave the school site promptly at the end of the day unless they are taking part in a supervised activity, you will be advised of a finish time. A full list of extra-curricular activities is on our website here: School clubs.


Students coming to school by bike should secure their bike in the appropriate location and have a good awareness of road safety. Please ensure that if you drive your child to school, you respect the road markings and park in a way which shows consideration for our neighbours and other road users.


Detentions of 30 minutes or 60 minutes are issued daily and parents/carers will be informed by text message if their child has a detention.

Year 7 Student Induction

Exams 2023

Supporting your child with independent study

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Year 7 Student Induction

Exams 2023

Supporting your child with independent study

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