Dear Parents and Carers


Whilst social media can be a wonderful addition to our lives, if used inappropriately it can be harmful to your children’s wellbeing, place them in dangerous situations or encourage them to commit illegal acts without realising the seriousness.

We are aware of TikTok challenges that encourage users to complete disruptive and illegal acts. These include damaging school property, sharing inappropriate or abusive messages or posting photos or video of our staff without their consent.

All of our students are expected to follow our Good Conduct policy throughout their time with us and be respectful, whilst being responsible for their behaviour. As a school we will not accept students who are unable to follow our school policies.

May we remind you that as a parent/carer you should be checking your child’s social media platforms regularly to ensure they are used sensibly and your child is as safe as possible.


  • Should be 13 or over to have a TikTok account
  • Should have a private account, so they can control who views their platforms
  • Should only post footage of people who have given consent
  • Should not be wearing school uniformin photos/video
  • Should not be interacting with complete strangers– they do not know if these people are who they say they are 
  • Should not be committing inappropriate, offensive or illegal acts


    It has also been brought to our attention that in some parts of the community vape pens are being sold to children under the age of 18 and we are currently working with the police to keep our students safe. Vape pens are illegal for under 18s and there seems to be a growing fad for these to look very similar to highlighter pens, pens and small perfume bottles.

    These along with cigarettes are banned from the school site and will be confiscated and destroyed if brought onto the school grounds. If these are used onsite this could result in a fixed term exclusion which could affect future college applications.

    Please do have conversations with your children to make them aware of the deadly side effects of vaping and smoking.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr A Bate


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