Year 10 – Attending school: ITC

Dear parents /Carers and students of year 10 

We are looking forward to you returning to school from 25th  June. As we said in the previous letter, we will have students in small groups and only having contact with a limited number of staff.  Your child will have use of the school computers for 2 and a half hours, to independently work on computer based home learning.

Does my child need to wear school uniform to school? 

Current guidance suggests that clothes worn to school should be washed as soon as possible. We appreciate that this is more difficult to do with blazers and ties and therefore these will not be required. Clothing rules will be relaxed but we would still expect students to be appropriately dressed for school, by wearing black trousers, black shoes and a white shirt not jeans and trainers!  Contact your HoH or HPM if you have queries regarding uniform. 

Will there be food and drink available? 

We are not reopening the canteen so any food or drink consumed on site would need to be brought in from home. Drinks must only be brought on site in a plastic bottle. No food or drink should be shared between students.  Students will only be in for a limited time each day and so should not need much with them.  

Does my child need to bring equipment and books, etc? 

We will be expecting the students to be able to work as normal during the time they have in school, so will need equipment (pens, pencils, ruler, etc.) and books or folders and paper. No equipment is to be shared between pupils.  Resources to help them carry on learning at home will be given to them so they will need a bag to take these home.  We are able to provide exercise books and pens if needed but they will need to go home with the students.  

How and when will they come into school? 

On Thursday 25th June they should arrive at 10 am and will be collected from the playground to go to the room. When they arrive they will line up on the markings. They should then attend every Thursday and Friday.

These sessions will last 2 and a half hours. They should not arrive more than 10 minutes before their time. They will leave school at 12.30.

Below is a picture of how the playground by gate C has been laid out.

Where will they be taught and how will these areas be kept safe? 

Students will be taught in building B in the IT room. This is separate from year 12 who will be using building A. The rooms will be cleaned each evening. Students will sit 2m apart in classrooms – the chairs for them to sit at have been marked and the rooms have been measured by site staff to ensure social distancing. Hand sanitiser will be available as soon as they enter site and in every classroom.  All toilets have soap and running warm water.  Regular hand washing will occur.  Students should ensure they bring their own tissues. 

Below is an example of a computer room. Exact layout and number of desks will vary depending on the room.

How will they leave the site? 

Students will be escorted out of the building by staff and out through gate C. They need to go straight home maintaining social distancing and not hang around in groups. 

Will there be social time? 

No, we are not building in social time for students.  

What happens if I or someone else breaks these rules? 

If a student breaks the rules we have set out then we will remind them of our expectations (e.g. if they go too close to another students or member of staff). This may be difficult for students to get used to as it rules out physical contact of any kind including hand shaking.  Staff will remind students regularly of these new rules.  However, if a student is unable to follow these rules then we would not be able to continue to offer them support in school. 

Yours faithfully 

Mr A Bate


discuss this further

If you have any further questions, please contact the House pastoral team of your child. 

Hertford: Ms Kaur: and Ms Thomas: 

Keble: Mr and Mrs Snowball: 

Mansfield: Mr Illingworth: and Mrs Dibba: 

Nuffield: Mr and Mr Howes: 

Pembroke: Mr and Mr Phillpotts: 

Worcester:  Miss and Mr Gillow:

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