Dear Parents / Carers

Your child in Year 10 is being given the option to buy a CGP revision guide for science GCSE through ParentPay to help them achieve their best outcome in their upcoming GCSE examinations.

Pupils in 10A1 for science will receive 3 separate guides costing £8.55 in total. 

Pupils in 10A2, 10B1, 10B2, 10C1, 10C2, 10D1, 10D2, 10E1 and 10E2 groups will receive a single higher or foundation guide costing £5.60.  

These prices are around 45% cheaper than what you will be charged if you buy direct from CGP.

If you purchase a guide through ParentPay your child will be given a brand-new guide which is theirs to keep and does not need to be returned to school. 

If you decide not to buy a guide, your child will be given a second hand copy which must be returned to school at the end of year 11. If the book is not returned you will be charged the full cost of a replacement.

Books will be delivered to your child during their child’s science lesson on a Friday.

Mr Kinnaird

Assistant Head – Science

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