Dear Parent and Carers,

Following on from the letter last week explaining this week’s assessment timetable, we know that many of you are keen to understand what the remaining few weeks of this school year will look like for your child.

I am sure you can appreciate that there remains a huge amount for us to arrange and organise in terms of completing assessments and then marking and standardising these, prior to actually making decisions and ensuring that quality assurance systems are also in place. Further information about this process along with information about results day, which is Thursday 12th August, will be sent out in due course.

On Friday 28th May, your child will be taking their final assessment. Students who study Geography will leave school after their Mathematics assessment on Friday morning at approximately 11.30am. Students who study History will leave school after their History assessment on Friday afternoon at approximately 3.15pm.

We would like you to reiterate that students must not cause a disturbance to our neighbours when leaving site. Students should be wearing their full school uniform and will be representing us whilst in this. Students are expected to only bring items with them required for the examinations.

We would like to confirm that we will not be expecting students in Year 11 to attend in-school provision after May half term.  In line with government guidance, we will continue to provide support for effective progression to the next stage of their education, whilst also ensuring students have covered further topics that enable them to prepare for the world of work and adult life.

We will be offering pre A Level sessions, which will run from Monday 21st June to Friday 2nd July and will be for students who have applied to study A-Levels here at Moseley School and Sixth Form. Sessions will be delivered face-to-face in school, with one lesson per week for each A-level subject. Further information about this will be sent out to these students after the holiday.

We will also be offering careers information for students about the next step in their life. This information will be uploaded onto teams so that everyone can access this at a time convenient to them.

Your continued support in your child’s education is most important. Together, we can work to help your child achieve the highest possible success; therefore, I ask you to make every effort to support your child during this time.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully

K Harris
Assistant Headteacher

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