Dear Parent and Carers,

Your child will be taking their PPE’s (Pre Public Examinations) from Monday 28th February until Friday 12th March. 

Your child has received their personalised timetable with their seat number on it for each examination. This can also be found on Edulink, which you can view via your login. Please support your child by discussing their schedule with them, and ensuring they are revising for the correct subjects the night before each PPE.

The first examination will start at 8.40am and all students must be at school ready to enter the hall for 8.30am.

We will not be able to give students extra time if they arrive late and they will lose valuable time in the examination.

We remind you that the last two years these examinations are what have been counted as GCSE results so students need to ensure they take them seriously and are prepared.

Together, we can work to help your child achieve the highest possible success; therefore, I ask you to make every effort to support your child during this time.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully

K Harris

Assistant Headteacher

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