Dear Parent and Carers,

I am writing to thank you for your support during this important time in your child’s education. Your child will be taking assessments after Easter, which you will have received further information on in a separate letter.

This Thursday (1/4/21) is the year 11 progress evening, which will take place under the current restrictions online and with your tutor. We will be using our existing class structures on Microsoft Teams to organise meetings.

The purpose of the meeting is to get up to date feedback on your child’s progress and to raise any concerns or queries you may have regarding the forthcoming assessments. We trust these meetings will be productive in supporting your child. Please note that appointments are arranged at 5-minute intervals to enable all parents to meet with their child’s tutor. It is important that your son/daughter attend the meeting with you.

Booking Appointments

Tutors will have arranged/be arranging the times for the appointments during their tutor time. Appointments will be available between 1pm to 4pm. Students will be asked to keep a record of their appointment. Please ensure that your child is clear about your availability for the afternoon.

How the meeting will work

The virtual meetings will take place on Microsoft Teams using the class structures already created for students. Tutors will have already booked a whole class meeting that covers the whole evening. Each class meeting will have a virtual lobby that parents can access and wait in. Staff will invite parents individually from the lobby for their meeting.

Your continued support in your child’s education is most important. Together, we can work to help your child achieve the highest possible success; therefore, I ask you to make every effort to support them and make an appointment and be available for conversations with their tutor.

Yours Faithfully

K Harris
Assistant Headteacher

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